Yeshivas Ohr Chodosh
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Yeshivas Ohr Chodosh

When הרב ישראל אהרן שוואלבי came up with an innovation with which to enhance the עולם הישיבות, he never dreamt of the phenomenal success it would breed. Concerned about the gap in local חינוך between school and ישיבה and the ensuing consequences; propelled by רבני ומחנכי העיר, he embarked on a mission…

A ישיבה where, inspired by the סדר היום of ישיבות קטנות in ארץ ישראל and America, the length of סדרים are appropriate yet challenging and become longer over the year. This unique feature allows each בחור to שטייג consistently, thereby reaching his full potential. This is in addition to the Yeshiva policy of מגידי שיעור being present throughout the סדרים, providing an opportunity for the בחורים to achieve unparalleled clarity during הכנה, whilst nurturing their ever growing קשר with their Rebbeim.

It was מחזיר עטרה ליושנה - to the דרך הלימוד of pre-war ישיבות, where alongside the עמקות התורה of בחורים ,סדר עיון cover a considerable amount of דפים every month. As a result, a בחור graduating ישיבת אור חדש, will have completed a significant number of פרקים and מסכתות! Experience has proven that a בחור will only enjoy a genuine געשמאק in his learning when he remembers what he has learnt, with a crystal clarity. The בחורים are therefore constantly reviewing many דפים and being tested on them. The סיפוק - the satisfaction that this creates is indescribable.

The סייעתא דשמיא that has been evident in every step of this historic journey, has been a constant inspiration to הרב ישראל אהרן שליט''א, whose selfless dedication to the every need of each בחור has created a warm and productive atmosphere which permeates the walls of the ישיבה.

Our heartfelt תפלה to הקב''ה is, that the ישיבה continues fulfilling its' goal to build positive, satisfied בני עלייה, filled with a burning שאיפה to become true תלמידי חכמים יראי שמים, along with the confidence and tools to be able to achieve this.

To you - our supporters, we are forever grateful, for enabling the continuity of our ישיבה. We are partners together in building each and every בחור - allowing all בחורים to learn Torah with passion and excitement - true חשקת התורה!

May you be gebentched with the exclusive ברכה for Torah supporters: ברוך אשר יקים את דברי התורה הזאת! Thank you!