Zichron Menachem
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Zichron Menachem

Happiness heals

Zichron Menachem (ZM) brings joy and support to children and young adults with cancer and their families in Israel.

ZM visits sick children in Israel while they are in hospital or at home. Our ‘house of Dreams’ in Jerusalem offers different programs for both the sick child and his siblings. In 2023, we opened our ‘Oncological rehabilitative protected kindergarten’ – which is recognised by the Ministry of health.

Zichron Menachem helps people across the board at a time when they need it most, be it information, a second opinion from our “clinic of hope”, or a break from the punishing routine of medical appointments.

Parents and siblings have access to counselling, workshops, respite trips and big brother/big sister programmes, making sure that the entire family is always cared for.

ZM hosts 3 camps a year, including one to Europe for over 130 children and young adults with cancer. It is an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime.

The kids put it best in their own words: “Every time I call home from here, they say, ‘You look so alive! You have strength and energy.’ Things I can’t do at home because I am too weak, I can do here,” said Chagit Weisberg

Zichron Menachem works closely with Israel’s leading medical professionals, who strongly believe that no child can be treated comprehensively without the support we provide. ‘You cant take the sickness away from the child, but you can take the child away from the sickness’ Professor Reuven Ohr.

An annual respite camp for parents is currently held in the UK. This gives them the opportunity to switch off and reconnect with their spouse while getting encouragement by sharing their experience with parents in the same boat.

We are grateful to you, our supporters for helping us bring a smile to a sick childs face.