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Calling all in the community who genuinely care for the future of the Youth of OUR Kehilla... More ...

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Chaverim Youth provide solutions to many of the challenges that Youth of our todays generation face

So many of todays issues are a symptom not only of negative influences, but also a lack of positive opportunities for growth outside of home and school, a place of acceptance of a boy for who he is, regardless of academic rigour.

Chaverim has consistently been delivering out-of-school opportunities for boys to be boys, in a Kosher, safe and positive environment.

Whether the weekly Vaadim for Y11-12 boys in a friendly and warm atmosphere amongst their peers, the bi-annual camps, Shabbatons, provision of the Duke of Endinburgh award scheme and many other initiatives that provide pathways for healthy personal and spiritual growth.

Because We Are Worth It

Every generation has within it the potential, talent and personalities on whose shoulders the continuity of the next generation will depend.
There are many opportunities created year-on-year for leadership roles and other responsibilities that help to cultivate and nurture the talent of the next generation of young men who will be there for the cohort of boys below them.

Over the past 32 years, Chaverim are proud to have provided that sense of belonging, acceptance and opportunity to hundreds of boys.

The campaign goal is somewhat modest in comparison to the output that is achieved.

With even greater visions for the future to incorporate study rooms, more programmes and with the general increase in costs, the ability to keep delivering consistent programming tailored for this generation is an endeavour that requires significant amounts of time, resources and importantly funds.

We are fortunate to have support from dedicated external resources to help defray some of the annual budget.
Our annual budget is significantly higher than the campaign goal.
We are now turning to the Kehilla to help collect the many small donations that can really make a difference, as well as to seek support from larger donors in this focus week for our oganisation.

Please help by either taking a page, donating or forwarding a link to the one or two people within your network who may share in the vision of what 

Chaverim is delivering and achieving.

Because We Are Worth It

Your Support and their support can directly impact the success of the future of the Next generation

With grateful thanks