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Building Our Future - Khal Heichel Elimelech Dinev More ...

Campaign email: aron@dinevtr.org
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Tucked in the middle of Toms River lies an amazing heimishe community. Although it's just a few years old it is growing by leaps and bounds, a beautiful composite of so many different types. At the center of the community stands its beloved Beis Medrash, Khal Heichel Elimelech of Dinev. The Dinever shul is not just another shul - it's the beating heart of the community. 

Enter the Beis Medrash and you will be greeted with a warm welcome and a friendly smile. You will feel a geshmake atmosphere during the davening, one of holiness and achdus. You can attend one of the many interesting shiurim. You will notice how much effort is made for every person to feel comfortable. Hungry or thirsty? There is a full coffee room. Have children? The shul is stocked with books and goodies, and you will always find some children playing upstairs in the Rebetzin's playroom. Spending time in this shul, you will feel completely accepted for who you are.
This is not by mistake. The Bais Medrash was established on a foundation of love and acceptance. The rav, Rabbi Duvid Nuchem Spira shlita, wanted yidden of every type and stripe to feel comfortable and at home here. As he says, "it's not my shul, it's our shul." The Rav looks to his mispallelim like family, and wants everything to be the best - physically and spiritually - for the community.
But the shul is growing. It needs more space. It needs a proper mikvah and mikvah taharah, of which there are none in the area. Construction is already underway, much to everyone's excitement, and so many people are working together to make this happen. But they need your help. The Dinever community deserves the best. By joining in, you will take part in spreading kedusha v'tahara in klal yisroel, as well as assisting the growth of a beautiful community.  Please help us achieve our goal.