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“The North London Eruv is a Life Changer!”


The Problem

Young families who live in cramped flats in high-rise blocks are desperate to be able to get out on Shabbos.  Instead of looking forward to oneg Shabbos, they dread being kept indoors all day in their tiny dwelling.  Old ladies living by themselves cannot get out.  They wait in vain for someone to visit them.  Families with small children would love to be able to be able to go to kiddushim and join in simchos on Shabbos.  All these pressures impact strongly on family life and sholom bayis.


The Solution

The North London Eruv

Last year before Pesach we saw that something needed to be arranged.  Many people were making minyanim outside in their gardens.  In many places, they did not realise that their gardens were open to the street.  They did not have kosher mechitzos around their property so when they carried siddurim and other items outside there was widespread unintentional chillul Shabbos.

A small group of dedicated askanim spearheaded and financed by Reb Yoel Stern worked on an eruv which would include many streets in the Tottenham and Stamford Hill area.  The speed with which the eruv was constructed was really remarkable.  The askanim received the agreement of the UOHC to go ahead and make the eruv on 15th May, and the project was completed a mere three weeks later on 9th June.  The highest priority was to ensure that the eruv would be acceptable to the highest specifications of halachah by the UOHC.  The result is an eruv that can be trusted and relied upon by everyone without any doubt.

The response of the kehillah has been overwhelmingly positive.  Besides making sure that now people can carry in their own garden, it has been a real life-changer for many users of the eruv.  Until now, very many old and infirm people had to spend Shabbos by themselves, but now they can be taken out by their family.  Similarly, young babies can be taken in prams to kiddushim in the area.

The North London Eruv is proud to be recognised by UOHC who have allowed their hechsher to be put on it.  In addition, many rabbanim have spoken in strong support of the eruv that has made life easier for so many people.


The Future

The askanim need to make the eruv more permanent.  Instead of using temporary supports, they need to replace them with metal poles together with special strong synthetic cords.  We have drawn up plans to enlarge the area covered by the eruv.

Of course, all these ambitious plans will come at a cost.  The Campaign aims to raise the money needed in order to improve this vital facility.  The North London Eruv is a project that benefits everyone!