The Jewish Experience 3rd Annual CrowdLearning Campaign
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Get your Epic Sinai Pass in time for Shavuos! More ...

All minutes pledged are weekly for 3 weeks, so your pledge amount will be tripled!
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The Holiday of Shavuos celebrates the birth of the Jewish People, as we stood together at Mount Sinai and opted-in to become the ‘People of the Book’.

Grab the epic moment in our third annual CrowdLearning Campaign. Instead of dollars, we’re ‘raising’ 100,000 minutes of collective Torah study, uniting once again around Mt. Sinai to embrace the Torah - together.

  • Everyone can participate. It’s easy, it’s social, and it’s super meaningful.
  • Learn on your own, or with others: join a class, read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch a video. Whatever your Torah study is, it counts.
  • Already doing some weekly learning? Choose your Pass and count it in the campaign!
  • Not sure what to learn? Click here for a list of suggestions that fit your interest and schedule.
  • Do it for someone you love: you can dedicate your learning in honor or in memory of someone.
  • What does it cost? It’s priceless!
  • Choose your Epic Sinai Pass: How many minutes will your spend learning Torah per week? That's your 'pledge'. Keep it for three weeks, and it’ll be EPIC!

Pledge minutes of learning