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"As a chanicha, Ezra changed my life. As a madricha, Ezra did so much more than that."

Ezra has experienced unprecedented growth, innovation and passion. Our summer and winter camps have attained record numbers and our wide ranging programmes are continually expanding. Ezra’s position as the leading orthodox youth movement in the UK is well recognised.

Our madrichim and chanichim are encouraged and empowered to develop individually and reach their full potential in such a way that cannot be achieved in other settings. It is incredible to witness personal transformation of chanichim at an Ezra camp or a boost in self-confidence due to participating in Ezra’s activities. Our children are the future parents and leaders of our community and Ezra is proud of the essential role it plays in their development. Rabbonim and mechanchim across the orthodox community, endorse Ezra’s activities and attest to its importance in the chinuch of our children.

The purpose of this campaign (the first fundraiser for Ezra in three years) is to raise much needed funds to pay for Ezra’s staff, subsidise activities and camps and to ensure that no child is ever turned away.

"Ezra has shaped so many aspects of the person that I am today. I thought that it couldn’t get better than being a chanicha but it turns out that it does. Being a madricha and a bogeret has had and continues to have a massive impact on my life. I know what an incredible influence my madrichots’ actions and the opportunity to give back to a youth movement that I have gained so much from is the biggest gift." (Sara L)
"Ezra to me means family because that’s what my friends become at Ezra. The madrichim surround you with geshmuk vibes and an amazing ruach. The madrichim on Ezra, no matter how many years older they are, always become your friends for life. On a Motzei Shabbos, the madrichim create fun environments for you to be in and great activities for you to attend. From power leagues to boat trips in central London – it doesn’t get any better than that! The madrichim on camp are always caring and enjoyable and always ensure that you have the most fun ever imaginable. Camp is the best weeks of the year. The memories, the activities, the new friends, the closer connections made with friends, best friends. Camp has it all! Activities every day, from ice skating to water sports and theme parks and activities at the campsite, which people end up calling home for the duration of camp. The madrichim ensure that the activities are beyond expectation and are suitable for everyone. After camp, the madrichim stay in touch and check up on you, and you can always be sure of pizza at a meetup. The friends you make become your best and you will never have another regret about it!" (Gabriel S)
"My 8 Ezra Summer camps have really shaped who I am. The warm, frum atmosphere, fantastic tochniot and incredibly caring and loving role models as Madrichot have given me so much. I feel privileged to now have the opportunity to be a madricha myself. All the Shabatons and events continuously provide me with so much. I am so grateful to Ezra for everything!" (Avigayil R)
"I find when looking over my time as an Ezra chanich, which has been for many years now, I only have positive thoughts regarding my experiences. Ezra has played an incredibly important role in my life, and in the lives of many Jewish teenagers throughout the Kehilla. As everyone has, I’ve experienced many challenges regarding my Judaism throughout my teenage life, and the only reason why I’m at the point in my life where I’m currently at, is because of Ezra camps, activities, madrichim, and of course Ezra tour. Ezra camps allow teenagers of any level in their judaism, or any stage in their development as a frum Jew, to really experience first hand that Fun and Frum, can, and really do, go hand in hand. Ezra provides incredible, positive Jewish experiences for many boys who may have struggled to find that real spark in their Yiddishkeit. The madrichim teams are consistently, year on year, groups of fantastic, inspiring, fun and cool individuals who really have the biggest and greatest influence on their chanichim. From trips throughout the year, to really bringing learning to life through an incredible SPLAT programme, which caters for all learning types, and really turns learning into a really enjoyable experience. The madrichim constantly go out of their way to maintain relationships built on camps, tours, and trips throughout the year, and resultantly are able to really help and ensure the next generation of frum Jews can be guided in the best way possible, from the best people possible. On top of this, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go on Ezra tour, an experience that is completely life changing. From davening at the Kotel on Friday nights, to going on hikes in the boiling heat, there was no short of enjoyment and inspiration. I can only wish everyone to be able to have an experience like Ezra provides at least one point in their life, because the fact is, that it will change their life in the best way possible, forever". (Tzvi K)
"My Ezra story began in Year 6 - when a teacher recommended that I go to some social events to get to know the girls who would be in my high school, as I came from primary school knowing practically no-one. I attended Shabbos group every week, bringing along my sister for some moral support, and made some amazing friends. And then I got to high school. Edgware Ezra was still relatively new, and so there wasn't an Inters branch. I would go to the NW events on Motzei Shabbos, loving the activities, the atmosphere, and, of course, the food! I would stumble home exhausted but exhilarated, ready to tackle the week ahead, knowing that my madrichot were behind me, that I would see them again next week and feel their love and support. When the summer came around, it was so obvious to me that I would go to camp, I barely even remember making the choice. And thus began four years of Ezra Camp Craziness! My madrichot were like older sisters to me - they were both my role models and my cheerleaders. Year after year I would get to know them, learn from them and love them - some I am still in touch with today. Ezra Tour was a life-changing experience. I had already been a part of Ezra for some four or five years, but this was different. Three and a half weeks of being in Eretz Yisrael, learning about myself, my history, my homeland. It was truly an unforgettable experience. As a chanicha, Ezra changed my life. As a madricha, Ezra did so much more than that. I know that my chanichot are the madrichot of the future, and I am so proud to be a link in this beautiful chain of growth, of learning and leadership, of Avodas Hashem and Ahavas Yisrael. Above all, I am proud to be a part of a youth group that cultivates so much growth with so much love and so much care". (CR)
"I’ve been going to Ezra pretty much most of my life. It’s always been a place I’ve felt comfortable, I’ve known people there and just enjoyed the whole vibe. Anyway, I have loads of amazingly happy memories, but there’s definitely one that stands out. This past summer during camp, we went camping, and the campfire was like no other. I’m not sure what made it so unique, but there was a strong emotion awakened in lots of us as we sat around singing and taking turns to ‘throw our fears into the fire’. It was honestly such an incredible feeling. The way I describe it sounds cliché, but I promise, I felt so at home. The others I’ve asked about this identify as well - a true sense of belonging and unity. I don’t think I have the space allowance to elaborate, but truly that experience has completely transformed Ezra for me. Rather than somewhere I go because that’s what I’m used to, every Ezra event I attend is because I genuinely just love it so much more now. Thank you to all my madrichot from over the last 8 years!!" (Dalia L)
"Ezra has been amazing I went on summer camp and I found being tzniut quite hard before but it has really changed me completely. Being away from internet has really changed me and of course being with the fab madricot has really changed me into a different person. Ezra on the whole has been amazing, all the games and activity have been really fun." (Anon) 
"Ezra is an incredible frum environment filled with amazing people.  One interacts and spends time with good influences and inspirational people who truly care about each individual.  From groups to camps it's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, especially when it comes to camps.  I have found that I've gotten to know people from all around the world. It also keeps girls feeling proud to be Jewish." (Tamara C)
"As well as teaching me through living example that frum and fun go together, Ezra gave me relatable and inspiring role models who I feel carried me through my secondary school years. Ezra provided me with a place to grow and enjoy fun experiences with like-minded people, and I am still in touch with fellow chanichot, my chanichot, and my madrichot who continue to bring light into my life. Since returning from sem, Ezra enabled me to actively give and share my passion and love of Torah with the next generation of the Jewish community. Ezra provided me with high ideals and gave me a sense of belonging. I am confident in saying that I wouldn't be the person I am today without Ezra, and am filled with much gratitude to everyone at Ezra who enabled me to gain and give in this way. Investing in Ezra is an investment in the future of the Jewish community - please make the most of the opportunity!" (Talia G)