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Enter a location to see how many families in your neighborhood need your help:

Families within 2 blocks (1/4 mile) need your help!

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We hear it wherever we go: 

Food is up. Costs are up. Inflation is up. 

It’s affecting us all – but none of us more than those who were already struggling to meet the month. 

And now, when everything is up, we need to show up – and step up.

We need to meet the uptick in prices with an unprecedented uptick in giving. 

This Pesach, we need every single community member to step up like never before.

They’re hurting. 

Food. Wine. Clothing. 

The things that can’t wait – and shouldn’t have to. 

FCF provides around- the year assistance to thousands of Flatbush families: 

  • 427 weddings ($3,011,500+)

  • 3645 grocery accounts ($1,150,475)

  • 20,300 food boxes ($479,500+)

  • 1,690 families’ home goods ($ 420,000+)

  • 852 students’ tutoring ($785,835)

Over the past few years, we’ve provided for 2,725 families’ Pesach expenses ($3,000,000)!

FCF is ready, no matter what it takes. 

And we know we can count on YOU to step up. 

Because when Flatbush helps Flatbush, we create the best Flatbush for everyone.