Raising 1.5 million dollars to strengthen our own community.
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Join us in making this year about putting Flatbush First and investing in our own. More ...

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At the heart of Flatbush, we believe in the power of tzedakah, and we know it begins at home. That’s why Flatbush Community Fund was created — to provide the overarching support system that every community needs. 

Join us in making this year about putting Flatbush First and investing in our own. With your help, we can continue to offer a wide variety of assistance and services to make sure that every Flatbush Family has access to relief from financial hardship. 

Together, we can foster a healthier and stronger community.It’s not about the extras. 

As inflation rises and Yom Tov approaches, lots of us are examining our spending. Cutting our splurges. Postponing luxuries, perhaps. 

But then there are those who can’t do that.
Because they weren’t spending on extras to begin with. 
They need the basics. 
Yom Tov. Rent. Food. Utilities. Housewares. Weddings. Interest-Free Loans. Tutoring. Emergency Payments. Financial Mentoring. Tefillin.
The things that can’t wait – and shouldn’t have to. 

Enter Flatbush Community Fund.

FCF makes sure our neighbors can make it through their challenging times – with their physical and emotional health intact.

Our community is as strong as the Chesed that unites us. Help us make 5784 the year of Flatbush First.

A new year is coming. Together, we can ensure that it’s the best year possible.