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Since October 2022 we have seen an increase in demand of 34%. We have a waiting list of food banks needing our help. The need is urgent! Every week Food Bank Aid collects and distributes 60,000 items to 21 London food banks who in turn support 14,000+ people including 4,000+ children. 100% of what is raised in this campaign will be spent on goods for the food banks.  


  • Over £3.2m worth of goods given since inception in 2020.  
  • Delivers over 60,000 items weekly. 
  • Delivers exactly what food banks need and nothing they don’t. 
  • Our USP ensures no waste of goods, space and time.  
  • Meets cultural and dietary needs. 
  • Shares across communities to serve the less well supported. 
  • Connects food banks to share goods and expertise. 
  • Mobilises 250+ community volunteers.  
  • Engages 80 schools. 
  • Ensures easy giving at 50+ drop off points 24/7. 


Please don’t turn your back. 

Dig as deep as you can. Every £ you give will be doubled. 

With huge appreciation