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Gesher is an Ofsted Outstanding inspirational special primary school, with a Jewish ethos.
It provides a specialist meaningful learning environment for children with special educational needs (SEN). More ...

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Gesher Champions
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Gesher is an Ofsted Outstanding, inspirational special primary school.

It provides a specialist meaningful learning environment for children with special educational needs (SEN).
Gesher was founded by Ali Durban and Sarah Sultman, both parents of children with SEN, square pegs that did not fit into the round holes of mainstream education. Children who like so many others in the UK, were damaged, isolated, overwhelmed and eventually lost in the system.

No child should be invisible to society and damaged by school.

Barriers to learning and SEN are not new challenges, neither are the labels that accompany them such as autism, dyslexia, chromosomal deletions, genetic mutations, Down’s syndrome and ADHD. Specialised education is not a new idea. The current UK model of educating children with SEN is broken. In turn, it is breaking and marginalising vulnerable children, and their parents, families and carers.

At present, there is no specialist secondary school for our students within the community.

We urgently need your help to raise funds and grow from a primary school into a secondary school, giving all children with SEN a critical foundation for life and the opportunity for a brighter future.  

This campaign is our first step in the school’s redevelopment plan, and will ready the building to open this September.

We need your help to deliver a secondary school for our children and young people that:

  • supports children and young people with SEN who have been marginalised and excluded by society and let down by the current education system.
  • delivers a specialist curriculum that enables students to leave school qualified for their next stage, equipped with the right skills to lead independent, meaningful and fulfilling lives.
  • has specialist learning spaces to include sensory and occupational therapy rooms, horticultural areas, a life skills room and an enterprise room.
  • has wellbeing embedded in the curriculum, where the whole person is valued, fostering success and building self-esteem and self-advocacy.

Please donate as much as you can, to help as many vulnerable children. All your donations are doubled, thanks to our sponsors.

We must raise £1.2 million to help build our new school. We need the community to come forward now to help us.

Your ability to give, helps us to support so many more children and young people. On behalf of our children and families thank you for your generous support and friendship.
Ali Durban and Sarah Sultman
Co-Founders, Gesher School