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Established in 1941 by HoRav Eliyohu Eliezer Dessler Zt”l, The Gateshead Kolel is Europe’s longest standing centre for the development of Talmidei Chachomim.  More ...

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The Kolel’s structure is unique; with Sedarim seven days a week, including Shabbos morning, where Seder follows Shacharis and Kiddush.

By Rav Dessler’s design, the ‘Zman’ is also extended beyond its normal parameters in a unique way, creating an atmosphere in which budding Talmidei Chachomim can focus on their learning with exceptional intensity. 

The unusually focused structure of the Kolel has created a certain sense of belonging for anyone who has passed through its door over the years, with every Kolel member, past and present, truly feeling part of the ‘Gateshead Kolel family’.

Today, the Kolel continues to fulfil Rabbi Dessler’s vision, its pulsating Beis Hamedrash, home to tens of gifted Yungerleit - as well as many alumni who still consider our Beis Midrash a ‘home away from home’ - provides fertile ground and a special atmosphere for developing talented Avreichim into Talmidei Chachomim of note.

The Kolel has thrived over the past eight decades with the support of the wider community. This year, our fundraising efforts are being condensed into just one week. Our members will be fundraising across the UK and abroad during this week.

Please join us in this campaign, and become a PARTNER IN THIS ממלכת התורה!