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The community of Canvey Island, presently home to 80 families is thriving and growing boruch Hashem and the Luzerne Yeshiva, While our residents have become accustomed to the rural way of life, and extensive effort has been made to ensure the community has everything it needs, we are still lacking one very vital service: Hatzola.
The need for Hatzola requires no introduction,
The value placed on a Yiddishe life is immeasurable and the Torah requires us to go to great length to save even just one life. How much more so are we required to ensure that the medical needs of an entire community--totaling over 700 members--is met! 
 Canvey Island must have its own Hatzola, and it must have it NOW. Resident volunteers have been working round-the-clock to make this happen. They've laid the groundwork, resolved legal issues and carried out the requisite training, but the costs are astronomical! And that's where you come in! 
 We're not asking you to research complicated medical jargon, to give up of your time, or to get up during the night to take an emergency call -- we just ask you to open your heart and wallet so that we can make this happen.
 Chazal tell us that when an individual saves one life, it is as though he has saved the entire world. Think of the endless zechusim you will acquire by establishing an organisation that saves lives every day! While you continue to go about your daily life, you'll be saving lives vicariously and thereby accruing endless zechusim of everlasting value. 
 Hatzola of Canvey Island is counting on your support! We've set up a campaign in order to raise the funds we require, please donate generously so that we can acheive our goal!
 Wishing you the best of health during this vulnerable time and may all of your endeavours be met with success.