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20 years ago, following the footsteps of Rabí Yaacov Almosnino Z.L., the Jewish Community Centre Kol Yaacov was born. The most important project for the continuity and future of the city of Melilla (Spain). A place where through study and Kiruv, young people, children, women, and Baalé Batim are encouraged to initiate a spiritual escalation that has led them to the current community state. In every part of the world Melilla is heard as the epicenter of Torah in Spain. More than 20 abrejim, Roshe Kolelim, Abrejim and bajurim  grew up thanks to our project, and today they are amazing examples in Israel, Venezuela, Panama, USA and other countries, showing our main virtues: the kind character, chesed or kindness and Yirat Shamayim - infused in our Jewish Community Centre Kol Yaacov of Melilla. We fight and work very hard for the conservation of customs and our Sephardic traditions from ancestors.

Some of the many things that the center does for all of us:
  • Hebrew and Torah classes for boys and girls from 6 years old
  • Daily classes with Baale Batim
  • Daily Mincha and Arvit
  • Activities for children and young people such as Melave Malka, Youth minyan for Shachrit, soccer matches, winter and summer camps
  • Preparation of bride and groom before the wedding
  • Classes for the youth of Guemara, Mishna, Musar, Hashkafa for all levels
  • Organization of shiurim via Zoom with great Spanish speaking Rabbis
  • Midrasha for girls from 12 years old, teaching the values of a Jewish woman
  • Weekly classes for women of Shabbat, Kashrut, Musar and Halachot relevant to day to day matters
  • Shiurim organized in the Bet Hakenesiot of Melilla during Shabbat
  • Shabbat Activities for Girls with Seuda Shelishit, Tehilim and Games