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As Chabad Naples - Amalfi Coast & South Italy  we had embarked on a path that was developing quite well. 

Then, when covid came, it was all blocked. 

  • People could not gather either to pray or to eat. 
  • People stopped attending the Chabad House and,
  • lacking donations,

we were forced to close and return the location.

So we thought of going in search of sponsors to set up a new Chabad House with a Mikve, because neither in Naples nor in southern Italy, this service does not exist.

In the meantime covid was receding, people were starting to go out again, but we had no place to welcome them. 

The fundraising for the mikve had not gone well, so we thought immediately after last Pesach to rent a new apartment to recreate a landmark.

After the first few weeks of quiet matches, we started to have minianim again. 

But our hopes for growth were immediately stifled by the hostility of both the property and the neighborhood, which with ill-concealed anti-Semitism, forbade us to receive people not residing in that apartment and warned us from carrying out any kind of prayer, being that apartment a "civil dwelling" and not a place of worship.

Intimidated by the arrogance of property and neighborhood, by their threats to have the police intervene, lacking the conditions to carry out our Chabad House with serenity and safety, both for us and for the visitors, we were forced not to rebel against their pressures of removal and to evacuate the apartment, with various economic damages due to the unreimbursed costs of moving in and out and agency fees.

Immediately after the eviction we found a new apartment for sale, where there would be also the possibility of  making a mikve. 

The asking price is around € 300,000 to which we will have to add the costs for the realization of the mikve, (around 100/150.000€) with the aim of having a multifunctional location, where to gather, pray, cook, and do all the activities of a Chabad House.

That is the current situation that we will have to face. We hope that you can help us and that the help will turn into a blessing for you all.

Rav Yisroel Piha