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Since its founding nearly 300 years ago in 1732, JFS has become a key part of the rich tapestry of Jewish communal life in London More ...

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Since its founding nearly 300 years ago in 1732, JFS has become a key part of the rich tapestry of Jewish communal life in London and is the largest Jewish school in Europe, providing thousands of children with the necessary skills, experiences, and qualifications to succeed as adults, harnessing their potential, whilst instilling in them a deep and life-long pride in their Jewish identity. In every aspect, JFS provides so much more than an ordinary state school could ever do:

  • Fully staffed team of expert lead practitioners who teach our children each and every day
  • Pastoral care and wellbeing provision
  • Enhanced special educational needs facilities
  • Jewish studies activities and events
  • Sports, art, music and drama amenities
  • After school clubs and school trips
  • IT and computer science facilities 

This is why we are calling it the ‘More Than’ campaign, because JFS is ‘More Than’ a school. We are raising, nurturing, and developing the next generation of Jewish leaders.

But, the school is at a critical juncture: we’re facing rapidly rising costs and a large deficit in our funding.

The funding that JFS receives falls far short of its financial needs and so in order to provide the extended curriculum and outstanding facilities which all the students enjoy, the campaign is a vital component of our fundraising efforts for 2023.

Under the leadership, guidance and direction of the Headteacher, Dr. David Moody, our school aspires to produce well-educated and proud Jews who will be responsible and contributing members of society - but JFS actively needs to fundraise from within the Jewish community in order to help us achieve our ambitious goals and objectives for the continued growth and development of the school.

Unfortunately, without extra support, we would need to recalibrate to work out what to do to make up to £1 million worth of cuts. Sadly, loss of experienced teachers, replaced by newly qualified members of staff, with far less experience in the classroom would be part of the reality.

We desperately need to invest in the future of our community, in the future of our students and in the future of our school.

We are grateful for each and every pound that is raised over the next 36 hours and for all of the support. Your help is gratefully appreciated and we would like to say thank you.