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Led by the dedicated Harav Michoel Ber Weissmandl shlit”a, this campaign is a unique opportunity to ensure that Kollel Heichal HaTorah continues to flourish. Your support will play a vital role in promoting Limmud and Harbotzas HaTorah, not only in the kehillah but beyond as well. More ...

Campaign email: donate@heichalhatorah.com Phone: 0161 768 6969
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Over Two Decades of Kollel Heichal HaTorah:
Promoting Limmud and Harbotzas HaTorah

Kollel Heichal Hatorah in Manchester was established over 20 years ago, in 5766 (2002), by the tireless efforts of founder and Rosh Hakollel, Harav Michoel Ber Weissmandl shlita. Rabbi Weissmandl carries the name of his distinguished uncle, Harav Michoel Ber Weissmandl zt”l, who was a Rosh Yeshivah in Nitra, Hungary, and a prominent activist for Klal Yisroel during the dark years of the War. A musmach of the previous Gateshead Rav, Harav Betzalel Rakow zt”l and Harav Tuvia Weiss zt”l, former head of the Badatz Yerushalayim, the Rosh Kollel envisioned cultivating top-tier avreichim who would become qualified klei kodesh, serving the entire community. The Kollel has expanded, in just over two decades, from six avreichim to almost 30 full-time members. Today, it is widely reckoned amongst the prestigious Kollelim in Europe. The dream has been amply fulfilled, with the beautiful kollel building pulsating with kol haTorah, a focal point of Torah learning in Prestwich and the wider Manchester kehillah.

שבתי - Setting a Standard
The avreichim are bnei aliyah, known for their high standard of learning . The Kollel places a significant emphasis on hasmodoh and learning the Sugyas in their entirety. Visitors to the Kollel are always impressed with the vibrant Kol Torah and lively pilpul chaverim echoing throughout the Beis Hamedrash. The yungeleit are encouraged to maximize their potential, and every topic is learned on an extremely high level. This is evident in the sought-after Shiurim that the avreichim deliver to the public, with many avreichim answering sha’alos on various topics learned by the Kollel.
It is worth noting that several years ago when the Kollel was studying towards Semicha on Yorah De’ah, they were farhered by local Rabbonim and also travelled to Eretz Yisroel to meet with world-renowned Poskim and Gedolim. The avreichim were tested by Harav Tuvya Weiss zt”l and the Beis Din of Harav Shmuel Wosner zt”l amongst others. The Gedolim were thoroughly impressed with the command of the subjects which the Heichal HaTorah yungeleit achieved, and these farhers took the entire Semicha program to a higher level.
More recently, when the Kollel studied Hilchos Ribis, this was followed by thorough farhers by the leading Rabbonim in England, including Harav Hershel Shneck shlita and local Dayonim, who were extremely impressed with their command and knowledge of this intricate subject. Earlier this year, a group of yungeleit, in conjunction with Kollel Hora’ah Manchester, attended a training course by Rabbi Vind of the specialist Beis Horoah Leinyonei Ribis in Eretz Yisroel to answer practical Ribis shailos on the Kav HoRibis hotline. After being tested on this complex subject, and in a celebratory Siyum held in the presence of noted local Rabonim, they were deemed proficient to answer shailos of this nature Halachah Lma’aseh.
Earlier this year, the Kollel welcomed three outstanding yungeleit who joined from various esteemed kollelim in Eretz Yisroel to be part of the vibrant Chaburah. Recently, with the Kollel studying Maseches Niddah and Yoreh Deah Chelek Beis, the yungeleit paid a visit to Dayan Heimlich shlita in his home to discuss the topics they had learnt.
'בבית ד
The beautiful Kollel building has been a game-changer for the Kollel, opening a new chapter two years ago. Within the purpose-built Beis Hamedrash, the level of learning has reached new heights, providing an ideal atmosphere and location for locals to choose as their Mokom Torah. The sound of Kol Torah can be heard throughout the day with various learning programmes based in the Beis Hamedrash, including boys' learning groups and an Omud Yomi shiur.
The Kollel Minyan, established for over a year, is flourishing and growing under the leadership of the Rosh Kollel, a close talmid of the Manchester Rosh Yeshivah zt”l, who inspires the kehillah with his divrei chizzuk and hadrachah. Many bnei Torah and bnei aliyah from throughout the Prestwich and Crumpsall kehillah have found their place in this warm, welcoming and growth-oriented environment.
On Shabbos, an affiliated chaburah named Kollel Rozo DeShabbos brings the Beis Hamedrash to life with numerous Bnei Torah and balebatim from the kehillah joining in the Ruach haTorah on Friday nights, Shabbos day, and Motzei Shabbos. Bein Hazmanim is also a busy time for the Beis Hamedrash, with countless bochurim and locals making use of its beautiful facilities and updated Otzar Seforim.
For many, especially in the Prestwich community, this has created a new opportunity to have a dedicated mokom Torah on their doorstep, available for Torah and tefillah.

'לחזות בנועם ד
The Rosh Kollel encourages the yungeleit to utilize their unique strengths and qualities to impact the kehillah. Many alumni have gone on to become Roshei Kollel, Magidei Shiurim, and Kashrus experts or have immersed themselves in the worlds of chinuch and kiruv. Nearly every person in the Manchester Kehilla, and even beyond, is currently being impacted by the Kollel, with its alumni branching out and reaching all ages and levels of the Kehilla. Supporting the Kollel means promoting the dissemination of Torah in every sense.

Since the Kollel's inception, Harav Weissmandl has put his heart into bringing the light of Torah into the world and has been extremely devoted to providing for the avreichim, enabling them to learn undisturbed, with complete menuchas hanefesh. The Rosh Kollel treats each yungerman with care and attention, almost as a member of his own extended family, ensuring each avreich’s personal growth.

The Kollel has a significant annual budget which is pivotal to ensure its continued operation and success. With the cost of living on the rise, the Kollel's budget has exceeded £400,000, and its sole source of income is through fundraising. However, with much siyata dishmaya the Rosh Kollel has secured generous matchers, and has launched a vital crowdfunding campaign which is now live!

With your generous support, Kollel Heichal HaTorah will be able to continue its mission, empowering our avreichim to succeed in their aspiration of Shivti bveis Hashem. Your support will also help us to continue promoting Limud and Harbotzas HaTorah for years to come.