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How do you quantify success in Torah? What makes for a successful Kollel? Surely learning Torah is a successful end goal in itself?!?

Kollel Lehoroah Manchester was set up by Harav Shmuel Halpern – a Poseik of the illustrious Botei Din of Hagaon Harav Tuviah Weiss Shlita and Lhbc”l Hagaon Harav Shmuel Wosner Zatzal – to assist its Avreichim in reaching the coveted title of YOIREH YOIREH, thus allowing them to go out into the world capable of accurately paskening any sheilos that come their way.

Twice already (in 5774 and 5778), this unique Kollel achieved that goal, its Avreichim successfully being ordained in Yo”d Chelek II with its complex laws of Family Purity, and in the wide-ranging series of Issur V’heter Halochois of Yo”d Chelek I.

These two monumental achievements can be attributed to the careful planning and relentless execution of the Kollel’s rigorous learning schedule.

It is this schedule that has allowed the Avreichim, over the past two years, to study, revise and master Hilchos Ribbis and prepare for another successful “YOIREH YOIREH” examination.

Previously, Rabbi Halpern has hosted an Evening of Appreciation in the weeks before Purim, where the entire Manchester Kehilla would come together to support the Avreichim in their continual drive for success and generously donate towards the Kollel members’ monthly stipend.

With current restrictions in place, the Evening of Appreciation cannot go ahead as usual and so we turn to you to join us virtually in supporting the Avreichim in their quest for perfection in Torah and donating generously towards maintaining and ensuring continued success in the future.

Remember: Successful Poiskim ensure a Successful Klal Yisroel..