Kollel Netzach Yisroel
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Kollel Netzach Yisroel - Asei Lemman Torosecha More ...

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Kollel Netzach Yisroel

Kollel Netzach Yisroel's was founded 14 year's ago by Rabbi Sendy Spitzer. It's one of the largest kollelim in Europe, with over 70 avreichim and 10s of marbitzei Torah. The Kollel's "Asei Lemaan Torosecha" campaign is a unique opportunity to ensure it continue to flourish, and your support will ensure it continues to raise the kol hatorah in our kehilla.

For the 48 hours of the campaign, your donation will be doubled!

Together we can make a difference.

Thanks for your support.

Let's raise the level ...


Raise the level of harbotzas haTorah

Raise the chaburos of learning yungerleit

Raise the amount of rebbeim for our schools

Raise the number of dayonim, rabbonim and magidei shiur

Raise the volume of kol hatorah


The kollel has over 70 avreichim and 7 chaburos learning iyun, halachoh, choshen mishpot, kodshim and more. Rabbi Sendy Spitzer has tremendous ambition to grow the kollel with more chaburos, more avreichim and more sidrei limmud and has already had an incredible impact on Golders Green, Hendon, and beyond in only 14 years since its founding.

Help us to let him achieve his goal and transform North West London even further!