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If there is anything the recent Coronavirus has taught us, it would be that small can be powerful.
VERY powerful. In fact, it can create waves all over the world.

כולל הוראה וויזניץ is a unique and special kollel in Manchester, England which has been set up over 7
years ago.

The Rosh Hakollel Reb Moshe Knopfler shlita, (son in law of Reb Yossel Weinberg z”l Rosh Yeshiva of Slanim in Israel who was sadly a Corona victim) leads the kollel by example and is a role model to all.

There are 17 handpicked yungerleit who learn there, they are the ones creating our next generation of מורי הוראה as several have already received their יורה יורה certification, and there is no doubt that their
powerful learning is creating waves in the spiritual world every day.

Even the spread of Coronavirus couldn’t stop this kollel from operating virtually, and throughout
lockdown, learning continued every day in backyards and/or over phone lines continuing the normality in those horrifying days.

The yungerleit are SERIOUS. The commitment is STRONG. The learning is POWERFUL.

The goal of this campaign is to raise כח for תורה so we should be able to carry on to support them.

This is YOUR chance to show you support Torah.

THEY spread Torah in the community.

THEY spread light to generations.

DONATE NOW to have a part in supporting the spread of Torah.