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Dedication. Determination. Distinction....
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Dedication. Determination. Distinction

You might have read those words as part of our advertising in the run-up to this campaign.

Because that describes the learning at Kollel Tiferes Chaim. 

It’s an incredible Makom Torah where the Avreichim learn with genuine hasmoda. 

Their learning is important to them because they feel a responsibility to do it for Klal Yisrael.

With backing from the Achim organisation (yissachar/zevulun partnerships,) a large percentage of our Avreichim’s support our is covered.

But we lack the funds to complete our total yearly budget.

With Hashem’s help, the Kollel has grown. The funding hasn’t as much.

We therefore have a gap of £280,000 to fill. 

Will you help us bridge the gap? 

Talmedei chachamim are blossoming here but only with your help. 

Our avreichim continue to learn. 

But we can’t let them learn without supporting them and taking the financial worry off their head. They are the backbone of our world!

By donating to our Kollel you’re supporting authentic Torah learning and you receive an everlasting part in the sechar of their learning. 

Donating today means more avreichim learning tomorrow, and more investments in your nitzchiyus account. 

We so appreciate your generous support.