Kollel Zichron Shaul
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For 25 years, Kollel Zichron Shaul has been a thriving Mokom Torah u’Tefilla, a gleaming jewel set into the crown of Gateshead’s Mosdos HaTorah.More ...

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Kollel Zichron Shaul

For 25 years, Kollel Zichron Shaul has been a thriving Mokom Torah u’Tefilla, a gleaming jewel set into the crown of Gateshead’s Mosdos HaTorah. Opened in memory of Rav Shaul Cohen, a brilliant and humble Talmid Chacham who passed away at the young age of 39 without offspring, it is a living representation of all that he stood for. Now poised to celebrate its silver anniversary, the Kollel seeks to Expand. Enhance. Enable.


The Kollel has doubled in size during the last 5 years bringing the number of members close to 30 and filling the Beis Hamidrash to capacity. Appreciating the necessity to expand the premises, a generous friend of the Kollel donated the house adjacent to the current building, facilitating the internal synthesis of the two structures. The two houses, combined with a two-story extension attached to the back of the building, will allow for a brand-new, enlarged Beis Hamidrash with an adjacent otzar seforim (library) on first floor, and an ezras noshim which will also function as an additional learning room, to occupy the second floor.


Not only will the planned improvements hugely enhance the experience of those who learn there, they will also be enjoyed by members of the Gateshead Kehilla who see the Kollel as their mokom tefilla. The expansion will transform it into a place that people like to frequent, enabling them to absorb the atmosphere of Torah, avoda and yiras shomayim that permeates every corner. The fresh, new Beis Hamidrash will open the minds of the yungerleit, encouraging them to reach new heights and conquer new vistas.


The new building will not only ensure that the current yungerleit will be able to learn under appropriate conditions at last, but it will also allow for the accommodation of new members. Moreover, the Kollel’s popularity as a mokom tefilla, thanks to the succession of maariv minyanim held until after midnight, means that the current Beis Hamidrash is inadequate to hold the nightly influx of Kehilla members. The new Beis Hamedrash will be able to accomodate even the most well attended minyanim, at times reaching one hundred mispallelim. The Kollel’s central location only enhances its popularity, for yungerleit and mispallelim alike.

Support Kollel Zichron Shaul and have a part in building and securing the future of תורה in כלל ישראל.

Expand. Enhance. Enable.


For dedication opportunities please call R' Danny Rubin on 07876343715 or email kzsbuilding@gmail.com