Kollel Zichron Yehuda Chaim
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Kollel Zichron Yehuda Chaim is a full day Kollel in Manchester with 18 dedicated Yungerleit who are learning Gemara on a very high level, following through with Shulchan Aruch and Poskim. It is known as a stellar moisad with high-caliber Avreichim.

Around 6 years ago, due to a large influx of young families moving to Manchester, the need arose for a new Kollel to be opened, as the current ones were filled to capacity. Rising to the challenge was Horav Dovid Levkovitz Shlita, an outstanding and prestigious Talmid Chochom residing in town. He, together with a small network of supporters, opened “Kollel Zichron Yehuda Chaim”, which is still Manchester’s most recent full-day Kollel to open.

The Kollel is named after, and is l’ilui nishmas R’ Yehuda Chaim Schwinger of Manchester. He was renowned for his Dikduk Hamitzvos and he possessed an unlimited ahavas hatorah with an unquenchable thirst to learn. He constantly had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye that reflected his friendly spirit and his simchas hachaim.

The Kollel has an uniqueness of being situated in a Yeshiva – Yeshiva L’zeirim Manchester – and
although it is fully independent, it is a great benefit to the Bochurim. The Yungerleit increase the kol
haTorah in the beis hamedrash as well as serving as an example for the Bochurim of serious yet
approachable full-time learners. The Yeshiva in turn helps to ensure the Kollel’s youthfulness and
Already in its first year the Kollel had 10 Avreichim on a high standard, and since then it has continued to
grow and thrive. The Kollel now has 18 yungerleit including the Rosh Hakollel and Rosh Hachaburo, and
is a Kollel renowned for its energetic learning. With tremendous siyata dishmaya it has remained
financially stable under the radar, without the need of constant fundraising, thanks to a nucleus of
dedicated supporters who have remained committed throughout.
However with the rising cost of living, the monthly stipend must likewise go up, adding extra pressure to
an already stretched budget. Additionally the Kollel seeks to expand further taking in more Yungerleit.
We are therefore making this campaign to allow us to grow bigger and better, giving you the unique
opportunity to be a ‘pillar of support’ for this ‘pillar of Torah’.