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So how does your gift touch generations? More ...

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So how does your gift touch generations?

Well… there isn't one answer but here is just a small glimpse...

          Daily Learning

One-on-one Learning
Every day, community members from all walks of life, study a topic of their choice in a personalized session with one of the Kollel Rabbonim.

Community Night Seder
Each night of the week, the Margolin Hebrew Academy’s Beis Medrash is filled with chavrusas and classes offered by the Kollel and community Rabbonim.

Daily Halacha
After the daily Shacharis at the Young Israel, Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz teaches a brief d’var halachah.

Kinyan Mesechta
Each night of the week, a group of men learn Meseches Sukkah with Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz.

Daily Halacha/Mussar
After Ma'ariv, a group of men learn a daily dose of mussar and halacha with Rabbi Yehoshua Nissan.

          Weekly Learning


Lox N Learn
Each Sunday morning at the Young Israel of Memphis an engaging, interactive shiur is delivered by a Kollel Rabbi following a delicious breakfast.

Semichas Chaver Program
Each Sunday night, Rabbi Naftali Zions gives an in-depth halachah shiur, using a carefully-prepared curriculum covering different topics over six-month semesters. 


Pirkei Avos
Every Monday night, Rabbi Braha leads a group in a deep-dive into Pirkei Avos.

Iyun Chaburah
Rabbi Uriel Nashofer guides this chaburah with a combination of chavrusa learning and shiurim as they delve into various sugyos in Shas.


Nesivos Shalom Shiur
On Tuesday afternoons, Rabbi Yehoshua Nissan delivers a shiur that expounds and illuminates the always inspiring words of the Nesivos Shalom on the weekly Parsha.

Mishnah Maven
After school on Mondays, the 4th-6th grade boys learn Mishnah with Rabbi Naftali Zions.

Me'or Einayim Chabura
On Tuesday evenings, a group of men explore this classic work on Chassidus with Rabbi Yakov Nissan. 


Tzurba Merabanan Chabura
The Chabura meets with Rabbi Yosef Braha and follows the acclaimed Tzurba MeRababan seforim, delving into practical halacha — from the sources. 

Iyun Chaburah
Rabbi Uriel Nashofer guides this Chaburah with a combination of chavrusa learning and shiurim as they take a deep-dive into various sugyos in Shas.


Shem M'Shmuel Chaburah
Every Thursday night, a group of men get together for a thought-provoking shiur on Chassidus given by Rabbi Yakov Nissan over a delicious cholent.

Parsha Chabura
On Thursday nights, Rabbi Yaakov Gelb explores the weekly Parshah.

          Other Shiurim/Programs

Women's In-Depth Halacha Shiurim
Rabbi Shmuel Fromowitz offers ongoing "beyond the basics" courses on various halachic topics such as Halachos of Cooking on Shabbos and Hadlakas Neiros.\

Legal Holiday Yom Iyun
The Kollel rabbonim offer a thematic selection of classes with concurrent programming for children following breakfast on legal holidays throughout the year.

Yom Tov Shiurim
The Kollel offers inspiring community-wide shiurim before the Yomim Tovim.

Yom Tov Programs and Special Events
The Kollel's annual community programs such as the Kollel's Simchas Beis Hashoeva, Chanuka Melava Malka, Adar Kumzitz, Megillah Rush, Simchas Purim, and the Shavuos Rush help infuse the Yomim Tovim with meaning and excitement.

Young Professional Men’s Group 
Once a month, on Thursday night, young professionals gather for cholent and thought-provoking conversation about a relevant Torah topic.

Culinary Creations
A monthly Rosh Chodesh club for girls of fun and creativity in the kitchen and learning about Tefillah with Mrs. Aliza Gelb.

Teen Programming
Cholent, Niggun and a Ma’aseh, NCSY Dinner & Learns, FYOS Beis Medrash Program, the Morning Message, the Teen Minyan and Friday night Onegs are some of the ways that the Kollel uplifts and inspires the teenage boys on a regular basis. 

Torah Live
An interactive multimedia Torah learning program for 1st - 4th graders (and their parents!) featuring the famous Torahlive videos.

Classes at the JCC
The Kollel partners with the Jewish Community Center to offer classes such as Hebrew Reading, Talmud 101, and a Study of Jewish Heroes. 

Guest Lectures
The Kollel Rabbonim are invited to speak by the local shuls, Torah Day School, JCC, and NCSY chapter throughout the year.

WhatsApp Shiurim
Periodically the Kollel will create video shiurim to send out on WhatsApp to the Memphis community and beyond.

The Kollel invites Rabbonim from out of town to spend Shabbos in Memphis and speak throughout the community.

        Special Initiatives

Jewish Children's Library of Memphis
A lending library of high quality Jewish books for children and teens.

Center for Middos Development
An initiative that seeks to empower people to experience the joy of personal growth in all areas of life based on the Mussar tradition. 

Shatnez Center
The one stop shop for Memphis's Shatnez Checking needs

Visiting Sofer
The Kollel arranges visits from a Sofer to facilitate the proper fulfillment of the Mitzvos of Tefillin and Mezuzos.


Rosh Hashanah Torah Compendium
Sukkos Torah Compendium
Pesach Torah Compendium
Chanukah Torah Compendium
Shavuos Torah Compendium
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