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Walls. Built from brick or wood. Constructed with steel or stone. Their purpose? To keep us enclosed, safe from the elements.

At Mesifta, our talmidim are encased in superior type of walls. Walls that are plastered with a love so deep and bright, it paints every single day in the brightest shades of warmth, acceptance and growth.

Our dedicated staff, our choshuve and devoted rebbeim, our talented team of professionals, our very special parents, all come together cohesively, to form the moisad we proudly call Mesifta.

Mesifta’s care and ahavah for every talmid is ongoing, unstoppable and all-encompassing.

This past difficult year has proven that walls plastered with love are stronger and mightier than the greatest of challenges! We persevered. We triumphed. Bs”D our talmidim soared.

At its core, Mesifta is dedicated to raising the next generation of ehrliche yidden. We are committed to inculcating each talmid with ahavas haTorahyiras shamayimahavas Yisroel and a deep and lasting connection to Yiddishkeit and the Aibishter.

At Mesifta, the only form of love we dispense is unconditional. It is our mission and driving force. It is what leads us to guide all our talmidim to their highest potential. Every child is a diamond. Every child is a star. And it is your generous support that can enable this legacy of persistent ahavah to endure! Thank you!