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Mesila UK aims to tackle issues of financial hardship within the community, typically caused by high cost of living (especially given the often large families) & financial mismanagement. The issues our clients face often lead to debt and in some cases can lead to reliance upon handouts, as well as issues with relationships and in extreme circumstnces, poor mental health. 

We empower people to take control of their finances and to become proactive in managing their money. We do this via:

1. One-to-one financial coaching. Our qualified coaches, following a Mesila-specific programme developed around the needs of the kehilla, coach clients through their financial journey. Our approach puts the client in the driving seat, supporting them to create their own solutions and, whilst adhering to Mesila principles, is not prescriptive or uniform. 

2. Webinars, workshops and seminars on a range of financial literacy topics. These are often delivered at schools, community centres and partner organisations, which expands our reach, strengthens our connections within the community and allows people to access the information at a setting in which they feel most comfortable.

3. Creation of relevant and meaningful tools and resources to help people make the most of their money; disseminated primarily through social media but also via local press and our own print publications.