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Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim (the “Mir”), was founded in 1817 in the town of Mir, Poland and resettled in post war Jerusalem in 1944. In its 200 year history, the Mir has grown from a handful of students to the largest Yeshiva in the world

Since its inception, the Mir has occupied a unique position among its peers, shouldering a sense of responsibility that extends far beyond its own students to the Torah world at large.

The Mir is home to students from the most geographically and culturally diverse backgrounds in the Jewish world.


The Mir Yeshiva, though it may be located in Eretz Yisroel, has had over the years a huge impact on Uk Jewry and currently has  over 900 Uk  talmidim.

The Yeshiva has been running continuously for over 200 years and continues to do so even during this Covid-19 Pandemic, with hundreds of weekly shiurim still running.

The Yeshiva currently has over 9000 talmidim and countless alumni from over 25 countries around the world, and continues to grow, and with it, so does its budget with a current  budget of over £40M per annum. The current pandemic has worsened Yeshivas plight as there have been cuts in Government funding and other income streams while at the same time still  needing to 85% of its operating budget.