Moldova Supporting Ukraine Refugees
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Jewish Refugees Needs Shelter More ...

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We are struggling to meet the demand, we need you to support us.

We at Kehilat Beit Yosef Synagogue in Kishinev, Moldova are preparing for a very different Pesach this year. Our community resources have now gone and we turn to you to partner with us in saving Jewish lives and provide the refugees with all they need these days which is simply anything we can provide them with.


The past few moths have made thousands of Ukrainian Jews leave their homes towards the unknown and complete uncertainty.


Some of them being hosted by Rabbi Rachamim Belenki, his family and the warm hearted donors of this campaign and the local community in Kishinev - Moldova. From day one they have opened their homes and kitchens to host, comfort and feed the families arriving from the frontlines in Ukraine. The kind and generous donations made this operation go smoothly and helped so many families who simply couldn't afford this transition of changing country when all they had was left behind and in some cases no longer exists because of the deadly attacks on residential properties, banks and the list goes on.

We are using some local humanitarian support and the help of Israeli organisations who came to help here, but what they can offer is limited. We thank all the organisations who are trying to help us.

We are located next to the Ukrainian horror and have got the right connections to locate and rescue Jews who suffer from increasing cruelties these days effectively.

Help Jewish refugees of Ukraine this Pesach

We and our partners - Dov Katzel (UK) and Hamo organisation (USA) are working around the clock to meet the demand of Kosher foods in the near borders, inside Ukraine, in Moldova... We take care of medical supplies for our hosted families and cover the costs of almost any medical equipment, recently have bought a fully equipped Ambulance so we can help more refugees with special needs or injured, medicines including Insulin and other pricy medications, we work with our special contacts to rescue Jewish people from the frontlines (this cost us £3,000 to 9,000 per person!) the list goes on and on.


Saving Jewish Lives - Ukraine Campaign Kehillat Beit Yosef Kishinev Moldova - GIF

There are more families making their way here and we will not leave them out.
All of them are welcome to join a lovely Pesach seder with us, enjoy positive atmosphere of giving, helping one another and strengthening each-other.
Thats the reason of why we are here for them We need to give them hope, shelter and a warm meal and do what ever we can to provide them with whatever they need. 

Please donate. Help us save Jewish lives. Help kids and families overcome this catastrophe.

Your kind donation will help us provide them with:

  • Food and Water
  • First Aid
  • Medical Care & Medicines
  • Provide Kosher food
  • Provide Jewish services
  • Get food delivered to frontlines
  • Warm Clothes and linen
  • Provide Shelter and accommodation
  • Help the refugees get to a safe place
  • Rescue Jews from the Ukrainian frontlines
  • & So much more. 


We would like to thank each and everyone of the donors and supporters.

* Please share this campaign with your contacts.

Hatzalas Nefashos - Saving Lives.
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