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*The goal is preliminary as the war rages the astronomical costs are unknown. The goal will be raised as needed*

If you know someone who is currently in Ukraine and wants to move to a secured location, please send the following details - name, citizenship, location, and phone number and where he is in Ukraine and we will contact him asap. Send the details to WhatsApp +380931356134. 

Update Motzei Shabbos March 12th

Good Voch: Update from Rabbi Fhima:

B”H over Shabbos we successfully evacuated over another 150 Jews

They were extremely difficult and dangerous rescue operations

Just one of the stories to highlight was a group that escaped through the woods when they came under live gunfire, unfortunately, some were injured and beaten, but bH they all got out alive and are back on the Ukrainian side. We hope to update with good news very soon bezh

There were other rescue operations that were B”H very successful but due to the current sensitivities of the ongoing missions, we can't say all details at this time.

General summary:

2 groups left from Kharkov

1 group left from Kyiv

1 covert evacuation with an ambulance

1 group from Chernowitz

Because of the increasing danger evacuation is so risky and the costs are increasingly growing well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars per group. If you can help by donating or raising, please reach out.

Besurois toivois!


Update Thursday March 10th 7th of Adar: 

Update from Rabbi Moshe Fhima @Yad Yisroel Rescue Command Center

To date we have already evacuated 2500 yidden, with 400 currently on the way bh. We are now currently operating 3 refugee camps on the Moldovian side and 2 transit camps for the men (we are looking now for a third one) on the Ukrainian side until we can work out getting them through the border.

400-500 people are currently in refugee camps, the camps are at maximum capacity, others have already been sent on their way. Roughly 1700 people have already passed through the camps, the others are in route from the border to the camps.

Those who have left have been moved to Germany, Holland, Israel, the US and other countries. People are calling us for help (to evacuate) the WHOLE day. We can't give you an exact number but 100s are reaching out in private as well as on our hotline. Individual cases and groups but some are in places of fire like Chernigov and Mariupol where we can't take them out yet.

Time is working against us unfortunately, but we do not rest, we do not wait. The rescue mission continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost to evacuate a person from Ukraine keeps going up. Every minute and every dollar counts.

Ukraine Update Tuesday March 8th 5th of Adar: 

Two groups were set to leave Kharkiv yesterday, in collaborative efforts of Yad Yisroel and Chabad Lubavitch.

One group was supposed to leave yesterday and the second one today. 

Of the group that was supposed to leave today there were 18 people who lived in one building. 

For some reason the lists were mixed up and those slated to leave today left yesterday. 

After they were evacuated yesterday, the building where those 18 people lived was shelled and completely destroyed!

The danger is terrifying and the Nissim are amazingly real!



As of today we are actively working on the rescue of 60 people from Kyiv and 200 from Kharkiv.

Kyiv evacuation is via 3 vans. Kharkiv evac is 4 buses.


Ukraine Update Monday March 7th 4th of Adar:

As we’re writing this update we have 13 buses scheduled for today.

The buses are leaving from many cities in Ukraine including Kirava Grod, Lvov, Odessa,4 from Kyiv and 6 from Kharkiv.

Our costs just for today's evacuations, are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to the costs, there are significant risks involved in this operation.

Last night there was an incident at one of the borders where a large number of ppl were detained. Baruch HaShem with great syata d’shmaya we managed to get most of them released, and we’re working to get the remaining ones out as well.

Please have them in mind in your tefillos!

Motzei Shabbos March 5TH 10:00pm EST 5:00am Ukraine  

On Friday night we got another 53 people over the border at costs well in excess of over $100,000. 

On Shabbos we got over 5 additional buses thru the border. 3 from Kiev, 1 from Odessa & 1 from Lviv at costs of a few hundred thousand dollars!

We are working on evacuating an additional 300 people tomorrow from Kharkiv which is one of the most dangerous places in the country. Sundays rescue efforts will cost us astronomical sums!

At the same time, people keep arriving at the border on their own & we are helping them get over. 

In addition to efforts and logistics inside Ukraine, we have a team of people working on the other side, finding more hotels, more buses & cars to help the influx of people who are constantly coming through the border.

 UPDATE FRIDAY - EREV SHABBOS March 4TH 10:00am EST 5:00pm Ukraine  

As per the Psak from the rabonnim, our command center in Belarus is operating in full speed through out the entire shabbos , saving yidden one by one. We also have buses & transits operating through out shabbos, bringing yidden across the borders.


The situation on the ground in Ukraine is anything but simple. The following is a quick synopsis on what's going on in the Ukraine and the efforts outside of Ukraine to rescue those still there. Leaving Ukraine is extremely difficult for anyone, even women and children.

On top of that is the issue with border crossing. Virtually all border crossings are either sealed or backed up for weeks. Very few people have the means and ways with which to exfiltrate anyone over the border. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of logistics involved in finding the people who need and want to leave,
fielding the phone calls, arranging transportation from the various cities,
towns and villages toward the border.  

We are receiving calls from every region, every community, every nationality, all Yidden need to be saved. The options and methods of getting out are small and getting smaller too. There is little time to wait. Yad Yisroel - Bais Aharon V'yisroel; the Karlin Stoliner Kehila of Belarus & Kiev stands at the forefront of the Ukraine Rescue
Operation. We are the boots on the ground, running operations from wherever we

The cost of each busload is staggering, and we are bussing out HUNDREDS so far, but the numbers of requests keep rising. We have already rescued over 1000 people from every part of Ukraine. Kiev, Odessa, some even in the Carpathian Mountains, Lvov, KVinita Vinitza, Mariupol and Dniepropetrovsk, they are reaching out to us. We put them on trains & buses and even taxis to safer locations where we then bus then out in larger groups thru the Ukrainian borders to safety.  


Once they are taken out of Ukraine there is a need for a place to house them. Until now many of them were being put up in facilities with no heat, sleeping on the floor. These are folks who left EVERYTHING behind, traveled 30 hours or more in harrowing, fearful conditions. Sleeping on the cold floor is not acceptable. At least not for us. Therefore we are allocating funds to set up heated facilities with more amenities for these people, so that they can suffer just a little bit less.  

We are working literally around the clock. This isn't anything less than LIFE AND DEATH. 

We will therefore be working our networks and efforts throughout Shabbos, again, because this is war. These are refugees. These are people who cannot be left behind. Lives are at stake. We have a team flying out Motzei Shabbos to the Moldova border that will assist & welcome all those crossing the border with everything they need! Every penny raised goes to them. There are no administrative costs or salaries. There are no gimmicks or games. There is nothing other than saving yidden.  

May we all be zoche to greet Moshiach very soon.  

Gut shabbos, Dobre Subbotah, from our
command center in Pinsk, Belarus  

Harav Shmuel Dishon  

Rabbi Moshe Fhima  

Rabbi Yaakov Shteierman  

Rabbi Avi Zaltzman  

UPDATE Wednesday March 2nd 3:00pm EST 10:00pm Ukraine

The evacuation requests are overwhelming! Our people at the front-lines are responding and helping hundreds of adults & children be brought to safety every minute of the day. They are working around the clock, day & night. These operations are very complicated & risky. The costs of transports and border crossings are enormous. Once they cross the Ukrainian border, they are being put up in different refugee camps that we have set up. We are continuously setting up more refugee camps in different areas and providing the refugees with all accommodations necessary to make them comfortable. The costs are much more than we have anticipated. NO JEW WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

Please continue praying for us! Our missions need your prayers & so do all the yidden in Ukraine!

This Campaign is under Kehilas Beis Aharon V'yisroel Stolin Karlin Kiev - Yad Yisroel Kiev Ukraine & Belarus.

Changing the Lives of Jews in the Former Soviet Union!

Yad Yisroel- Beis Ahron Vyisroel was founded in 1990, at the behest and
directorship of the Rebbe of Karlin Stolin, by Harav Shmuel Dishon, Rabbi Yaakov Shteierman, Rabbi Moshe Fhima & Rabbi Saltzman in the aftermath of the Soviet Communist regime. The remnants of Jewish communities spread across Eastern Europe were in
dire need of reconstruction and Jewish revival. 

UPDATE Tuesday March 1st 3:00pm EST 10:00pm Ukraine

A convoy of 2 buses & 3 Transits Van, b"h arrived safely to Moldova after being on the road for many hours. We setup for them a Refugee Camp withg sleeping & eating accommodations. Another bus just left Kiev - Please have them in mind in your prayers.

EMERGENCY CRITICAL UPDATE Monday 28th 11:30am EST 6:30pm Ukraine

A convoy of yidden trying to escape Kiev were just shot at by the Russians. There are unfortunately confirmed reports of injuries & one fatality Rachmana Litzlon. The situation is still unfolding. A message was sent out to the Jewish community to remain in their shelters at this time. Our shul in Kiev is being utilized as a shelter, hosting dozens of yidden from our communities, other communities & non Jews too. The shelter was set up with all necessary supplies to be able to shelter them for awhile. Please keep davening for them! They need our tefillos desperately!

Update Monday 28th 9:30am EST 4:30pm Ukraine

Additional evacuations are underway right now for a large group from Kiev, the details were not disclosed for safety reasons. Please daven for them.

Please have in mind all Yidden in harms way. We will update iy”h when possible.

Update Sunday Feb 27 10:30pm EST 5:30am Ukraine

With great siyata dishmaya and with and with a visible Yad Hashem a large portion of the kehilla made it safely over the border early Shabbos morning (as per the psak of Gedolai Yisroel)

This followed several aborted evacuation attempts and passing through the front lines of combat. Thanks to your continued support we were able to leave Kyiv nearly a week ago and take refuge in considerably safer areas until the final journey out of Ukraine. In fact, the hotel that the community occupied until Friday afternoon just today came under several rounds of strikes. This morning the convoy arrived at the Yad Yisroel refugee campus in Pinsk Belarus. Where they will be sheltered until the situation stabilizes. They arrived to refugee camp with only their shirts on their backs, leaving everything behind in Kiev but happy to make out alive.

In Kiev, there are still a significant number of families who couldn’t evacuate with the bulk of the community. They are currently seeking shelter in the kitchens and cellars of the shul and school. The situation is untenable with children sleeping on the floor on kitchen appliances and wherever else they can find space. Additionally, there are numerous other Yidden we are in contact with currently stranded in Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Uzhhorod. We hope to have another convoy of those fleeing Kiev departing soon, Monday morning at around 8 AM bsiyata dishmaya.

As I am sure you can appreciate the expense of housing and feeding the families in Pinsk as well as the overwhelming costs associated with arranging additional safe passage out for the many that are still currently in or adjacent to life military engagement is formidable.

You now have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to continue your good work and take part in Pikuach Nefesh Mamish. Your support will directly pay for accommodation transport food and other crucial items needed in situations such as this.

Please come to our assistance once again and take a part in saving hundreds of Jewish lives who are in immediate danger.

Update:Motzai Shabbos 2/26

Before you read the update please understand we are writing about the specific group that was fortunate to make it from Medzibyzh to Belarus. At this very moment, there are yidden trapped throughout Ukraine, and we are working feverishly to evacuate them to safety. Hundred of thousands of dollars are needed for this effort! Please continue to daven for the safety of all Yidden in Ukraine, and donate generously for their evacuation.

Following the psak of great rabbonim who ruled that they continue their journey throughout Shabbos, they set out on Friday afternoon, northward, toward the Belarusian border.

“About 3:04 in the morning,” relates Pinsk’s Reb Moshe Fhima, a tireless askan and leader of the community, “I received the call that the busses made it to Ovruch, about 50 km from the border of Belarus. But the road was blocked off, and although the bribed Ukrainian soldiers were willing to let them through, they reported shooting on the other end of the road, making their approach to the border impossible. “But Google Maps was working,” he tells us. “And we were able to guide the busses to the border through dirt roads all the way to the border, where our buses were waiting for them,” says Reb Moshe, who spent the entire Shabbos guiding them,and negotiating with authorities for their safety.

Shabbos afternoon, the community made it to Mazyr, Belarus, and from there they will be proceeding to Pinsk, where they will be absorbed into the institutions, and continue their spiritual journey.

“But the work is not finished,” says Reb Moshe. “We are fielding calls from many others who are trying to cross… but that road is no longer passable. Of course, we will continue to do everything in our power until every last Yid is brought to safety.”



We've been trying to evacuate out of Ukraine to different destinations for last 20 Hours. It isn't simple at this time, we are working on all options to cross the border as soon as possible. Will be on the run for hours.




War is Raging! Costs are soaring by the hour.

Power was shut now for safety & security reasons.

Appropriate places to host our people are being sought in a secure location (closer to the border in case they need to run further…). Funds are desperately needed to pay for shelter & to buy food & other everyday necessities. The costs are enormous!!


רחמנים בני רחמנים הצילו

The situation here in Ukraine is very dangerous and deteriorating very quickly as war begun early this morning. We are working on different options to evacuate 100s of families to safety NOW. The window is closing in on us please daven for us. Please help us now!!!

בשורות טובות!!

UPDATE: Wednesday Feb 23 2022 9:37pm EST






This Campaign is under Kehilas Beis Aharon V'yisroel Stolin Karlin Kiev - Yad Yisroel Kiev Ukraine & Belarus.

Changing the Lives of Jews in the Former Soviet Union! Yad Yisroel- Beis Ahron Vyisroel was founded in 1990, at the behest and directorship of the Rebbe of Karlin Stolin, by Rabbi Shmuel Dishon, Rabbi Yaakov Shteierman & Rabbi Saltzman in the aftermath of the Soviet Communist regime. The remnants of Jewish communities spread across Eastern Europe were in dire need of reconstruction and Jewish revival.