Nesivos Hatorah
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ישיבת נתיבות התורה


Yeshivas Nesivos HaTorah is…

A paver of paths.

A setter of stepping stones,

A builder of bridges.

A Paver of Paths
Sincere bochurim, replete with Yiras Shomaim, middos tovos, and a powerful motivation to learn, find their place in Nesivos Hatorah, the moisod that will equip them with the skillset they need to traverse the gap between Highschool and Yeshiva. At Nesivos Hatorah, the bochurim acquire a well-rounded proficiency in many areas including Chumash, Halocha and Hashkofa.

A Setter of Stepping Stones
Step through the Yeshiva front door, and you will find yourself in an environment pulsating with warmth, enthusiasm, passion and excitement. Treated like sons by the Rosh Yeshiva, Horav Moshe Rosenbaum, they learn not only how to master a daf Gemara under the guidance of their Rebbeim, but also to interact with their peers with a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem.

A Builder of Bridges
Trips, countryside rambles, barbecues and kumzitzen are an important feature of the yeshiva’s schedule, fostering friendships and warm, informal relationships with the Hanhola. An unforgettable tour of Pressburg and nearby cities in eastern Europe, filled with visits to mekomos hakodoshim, inspired the bochurim, elevating them to new heights of achdus and avoda.

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