No Girl Alone
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Noa Girls 

Mental health impacts everyone. It is a crisis that is increasing like never before and adolescents are amongst the hardest hit. The Orthodox Jewish community is in no way immune. With 1 in 5 adolescents facing a mental health challenge in any given year, we are facing an invisible emergency.  

Noa is there to provide these girls with practical, emotional and therapeutic help through one-to-one support. Noa’s creative approach, tailored to meet each girl’s unique needs, ensures that girls are empowered to overcome their struggles and build happier, healthier and more hopeful futures.  

Noa works very discreetly, knowing how vital it is to girls and their families that their privacy is protected. Many of the girls Noa supports will not access any other voluntary services within the community nor engage with external statutory services.

The enormity of the Covid-19 pandemic on girls who are navigating mental health struggles is undeniable. On a daily basis we are seeing the impact that the pandemic is having on adolescent girls and we are experiencing an unprecedented surge in referrals. Noa’s waiting list has doubled in size in the last 6 months and girls, who in other years we would have taken on as an urgent priority, are being denied the support they need as we simply have no more capacity to take on ‘just one more’ girl.   


No Girl Alone 

Noa currently supports 180 girls in a year, with 102 girls receiving weekly support. There are 58 girls on our waiting list and we anticipate that it will continue increasing.  

We are relying on the generosity of the community to come together on the 18-19 April to raise £1,000,000 in 36 hours so that we can continue supporting our current girls and take on every girl from our waiting list. We must open our doors so that no girl is left to face her challenges alone. 

Throughout the campaign, every donation will be doubled. Every donation will bring us that bit closer to helping us to reach our target so that we can meet the explosion in need for our service. 

Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Noa was established in 2009 in response to a lacuna in services for adolescent girls in the Orthodox community. With an annual budget of just £15,000 and 8 girls in the service, Noa was a niche and specialist organisation. Our founding trustees, Michal Noe, Ahuva Jay and Sharon Green, all members of the community, had the vision and ambition to grow the charity, knowing that the girls who were at Noa were just a fraction of those who needed our service.   

At a time when mental health challenges were still not openly discussed, our trustees advocated for funding, discreetly but determinedly raising funds for an ever-increasing budget as referrals steadily, and then rapidly, increased. Under their leadership, Noa grew from a small charity to a vital service in the community, working closely with schools and community leaders and funded by grant making institutions and trusts such as the National Lottery, BBC Children in Need, Comic Relief, Mayor of London and the Wohl Foundation. Our trustees ensured that the girls remained at the centre of Noa’s ambitions and they paved the way for more open conversations about mental health in the community. Our current expanded board of 8 trustees, carry this torch on and are committed to Noa’s ambition that no girl should struggle alone.   

So much of what Noa has achieved was made possible through the immense generosity of Mrs Rose a”h, who gave Noa a house in Golders Green to use free of charge, until her passing last year. This premises has housed Noa’s work providing a safe homey and welcoming space for girls to come to. Mrs Rose created a legacy of care for girls when they most needed it, ensuring they had an address to turn to for support. Thanks to the recent generosity of a Trust within the community, our long-term use without charge of both our current premises and the adjoining premises is secure. We are looking forward to embarking on a building project to expand so that we can cater to many more girls and ensure that our doors remain open to all those relying on us to be there for them.