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Partnering with Jewish schools today so we can thrive tomorrow More ...

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PaJeS provides services support and strategy to Jewish schools across the UK Jewish community.  Thriving Jewish schools are the foundation of a thriving Jewish community. PaJeS aims to ensure that our schools are led by inspiring, empowered leaders and educators, and filled with engaged, passionate and Jewishly knowledgeable children.

There are 130 Jewish schools in the UK and over 40,000 children are educated in them.  PaJeS works with schools across the spectrum of the community and throughout the country.  We have built close partnerships with heads, chairs of governors, other educational organisations and government to build expertise and encourage collaboration.   We listen to what schools need and are guided by their advice.  By enabling them to collaborate we encourage economies and efficiency of scale.  We work with school leaders and staff, providing on-going training and professional development as well as facilitating opportunities for them to share best practice with one another. We develop innovative and engaging Jewish Studies and Ivrit curricula, and provide ongoing professional development and support for JS and Ivrit teachers and leaders. We celebrate excellence in many ways including our annual Jewish Schools Awards and the recent online initiative Thank a Teacher.

PaJeS has forged strong relationships and established itself as the voice for Jewish education, with the Government, community bodies and other faith groups. As well as advocating for the range of the issues that face our community, PaJeS plays a crucial role in information sharing, facilitation and building greater understanding of Jewish life, both in the education sector and the wider community. 

PaJeS has taken a lead in fighting anti-Semitism in schools and has discussed our concerns with the adviser to the Prime Minister, the DfE, Ofsted and the Education Select Committee.  We have already seen a substantial response to our concerns and expect further action to be taken in the near future.

The diverse needs of Jewish schools can only be met by having an organisation like PaJeS that understands the breadth of need and is at the heart of connecting schools and their leadership to one another and to innovation and expertise across the sector. PaJeS is leading the way in growing networks and sharing information and skills. Strength comes through strengthening one another.

The pandemic further emphasized how much schools depend on PaJeS for support and now, looking ahead, it is clear that a collaborative, inquiring and agile approach will be needed.

Like all charities our funding has been reduced by our inability to hold events and we are now appealing for community support to raise essential funds and enable us to continue to support schools in the most effective way.