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Pardes House Schools have been the foundations of Chinuch in NW London. We have a legacy of  nuturing and educating thousands of children over the last 65 years. This 'Once in a Generation' match funding campaign has been facilitated by our Pardes House  friends and supporters. Their generosity will make each pound donated double its worth for 36 Hours ONLY.
This campaign will pave the way to long term financial stability for both schools. We want you to be part of it.  Please show your generous support and be partners in the exciting future of Chinuch in NW London. May this Zechus stand by you in this world and in the World to Come. 

Our Schools:

  • P roudly educate almost 600 boys from the local Kehillah. 
  • A llow each boy to progress at their own pace and instill them with confidence in their studies.
  • R  elease the potential in each and every one of our Talmidim
  • evoted Rebbes and Teachers who develop a close relationship with their Talmidim.
  • E nrich our pupils with a wide ranging curriculum.
  • eriously in need of YOUR support for these 36 Hours to change the face of Chinuch in NW London.
Thank you for showing us support and may you have much Nachas from your children.