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Pardes House Grammar School has been one of the leading boys’ schools in Golders Green for over half a century.  We were b’chasdei Hashem fortunate to be able to purchase - our now famous - notable old, listed building approximately 25 years ago, ensuring to make our school even more distinguishable.  As with most older buildings the structure came without any air-conditioning or additional ventilation.

Every summer our boys sit through month after month, learning b’hasmodoh and cheshek, despite the record sweltering temperatures reached in the classrooms.   At times it has become almost impossible for the boys to remain in their classrooms – even when fans have been brought in to help. 

We feel it would be extremely beneficial to all talmidim (and Rebbeim!) at our school if we would be able to install internal air-conditioning systems which could ensure that our school building remains consistently cool and airy, comfortable for the boys to be able to learn with full concentration, without getting restless and overheated, enabling them to reach their potential during their all-important school years.

For this we need your help. During Purim, we raised b’chasdei Hashem sufficient funds for one area of the school.  We appeal to all Torah supporters in our great community to open up your hearts and please support our quest to install units for all our classrooms. Our Torah learning and those of future talmidim too, will forever be a source of blessing to you!