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Since inception, it is estimated that in excess of £5,350,000 has been collected and distributed on Purim day itself More ...

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The Manchester Purim Collection was founded by Reb Simcha Bamberger שליט"א over 45 years ago. The fund started from very humble beginnings, with a total of £1,750 being shared amongst a small number of local families. Since then, the amounts distributed have increased annually to meet an ever expanding list of recipients. Last year £400,000 was shared out to 605 families. Since inception, it is estimated that in excess of £5,350,000 has been collected and distributed on Purim day itself. Uniquely, the charity has the support of every Rov from every Shul in and around Manchester.

תשפ"ד – A special year
Nearly 800 families, or approximately 6,300 souls now depend on the extra relief provided by the fund on Purim. We are now in a period of high inflation; kosher food has increased 25%, and heating a house, other than for a few hours, is beyond the means of most and possibly all of our recipients. A substantial number of these households have ka’h young children and quite simply, the parents do not have the wherewithal to provide, even to a level ‘well below’ what we take for granted. The same is of course true when it comes to the financially disadvantaged elderly in our community. And so decisions are made; “food” or “heating”, but not both! Therefore, The Manchester Purim Collection has an even greater responsibility this year than ever before, hence we have no option but to aim for an increased distribution totalling £500,000+.

Input from Rabbonim, communal activists, friends and associates of needy families has resulted in the compilation of the fund’s data base. The list is reviewed annually; great care being taken to ensure the veracity of the information and that it is entirely up to date. Additionally, the fund is not simply focused on a single segment of the Manchester Kehilla - as such, it attracts and distributes funds throughout Manchester and its surrounds.  It is estimated that the fund will definitely need to reach more than 6,300+ souls this year helping them attain just the basic necessities of life and making their challenging daily existence more manageable.

The Distribution
A system is in place to calibrate the needs of each individual recipient based on the amount of funds available. Some 800 plus envelopes will be tactfully and discreetly distributed in advance of the Purim Seudah. Confidentiality is maintained in keeping with the highest standards of Halachic charitable giving. All funds are distributed with the utmost sensitivity; indeed, in many instances the recipients are unaware that they are beneficiaries of the fund. 

The actual amount utilised for ancillary expenditure is zero and so 100% of all monies donated are distributed. Any advertising this year, will be kindly defrayed by individuals and will not impact on their respective donations.

Final comment
When considering the amount to donate to The Manchester Purim Collection, please reflect on the following Rambam (הלכות מגילה). It is preferable for a person to be more generous with his donations to the poor than to be lavish in his Purim seudah and on Mishloach Manos, for there is no greater and more splendid happiness than to gladden the hearts of the poor….. The Rambam then states, One who brings happiness to the hearts of these unfortunate individuals is "דומה לשכינה" - resembles the Divine Presence!

תשפ"ד is an exceptional Purim, so please make this year’s donation exceptional too