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Help empower bochurim to reach for greatness. Give them the confidence to be real. More ...

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Empowerment means you're equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed. 
Confidence comes with the belief that you can be great, so that you're free to be real and true to yourself.
It means you're able to grow to your full potential, become the person you were meant to be.

At Rabbi Engel's Yeshiva the bochurim are challenged to be relentless in their pursuit of clarity and truth; to work hard within the sugya: developing questions, building ideas, delving deeper and deeper, persistently searching to answer a question, truly caring about the sugya.

At an Oneg and the occasional Shabbaton the bochurim are given the opportunity to talk about themselves in a real way. Thoughts, experiences and feelings are explored and discussed.

Through Rabbi Engel’s Hashkafa and Mussar talks, the bochurim develop the skills for every area of life—from everyday challenges to interpersonal relationships, to become connected to Torah and Yiddishkeit.

Since Ellul, yeshiva has been zoche to a big addition to the Hanholah. Rabbi Gordon, who was previously a Menahel Ruchni in Yeshivas Ohr Hachaim, Queens, for twenty-five years has joined yeshiva. The Bochurim now have Rabbi Gordon joining them for Shacharis and second seder, delivering Vaadim and Shiurim in the afternoons, his guidance and support further enrich the yeshiva experience.

Empowerment drives our efforts as we develop and explore each bochur’s nuances, creating an environment of powerful growth, enabling them to become confident and successful, living their lives with honesty and purpose.

Your support propels our Yeshiva forward, empowering each individual journey to reach greater heights.