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Schneider Children’s Medical Centre in Israel is an extraordinary place of healing that keeps improving its facilities and capabilities year on year. More ...

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Schneider Children’s Medical Centre in Israel is an extraordinary place of healing that keeps improving its facilities and capabilities year on year. Schneider Hospital's unique ability is to see every child as a whole, providing a full range of specialties from birth to 18 years. The medical teams are dedicated and inspiring, they combine advanced care and research at the highest level. 

Our BIG HEART Campaign will raise funds to buy vital and essential equipment for the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) including a defibrillator and an ultrasound machine. This unit, the largest of its kind and one of the most advanced in Israel, provides life-saving and continuous care for the children it treats. About 70% of Israeli children with congenital heart defects are treated in this Unit, which conducts more than 500 cardiothoracic surgeries annually with half their patients being under one year of age.

UK Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital  is a charity we feel passionately about. We are dedicated to providing life saving medical equipment to support  the children cared for at this outstanding and world leading hospital. With your support we can make a huge difference to the children cared for at Schneider Hospital.

Yaniv’s story as told by his parents Tali and Eitan Aaronowitz

Our son Yaniv was born on the 3rd November 2022.

The pregnancy and delivery were normal, however Yaniv’s breathing wasn’t as robust as expected suggesting fluid in his lungs, so he was given antibiotics.

At his 1 week old routine check up a slight murmur was detected and we were asked to bring Yaniv back at 6 weeks. During this time Yaniv’s rapid breaths and pronounced chest movements concerned us.

At the 6 weeks check up a nurse discovered unexplained weight loss, despite his regular feeding routine. Puzzled by this, we promptly consulted our GP, who recommended further evaluation by a cardiologist.

That week, a cardiologist discovered that our beloved son had a congenital heart defect called a Ventricular Septal Defect. The cardiologist explained that Yaniv’s weight loss was because the heart was working so hard, as if he was running a marathon every day! The scale of the defect was significant, necessitating open-heart surgery.

The news was a huge shock to us as we struggled to comprehend the gravity of the situation. Meanwhile, Yaniv’s cough escalated swiftly that same week. His respiratory struggles intensified, leaving him pale and lethargic.

Instinctively, we raced to Schneider Children’s Hospital, where immediately Yaniv was whisked into the care of the attending physician, who promptly initiated a code red, summoning a flurry of medical staff to the resuscitation room.

Almost two dozen medical professionals converged and diagnosed him with RSV, a common winter infection in newborns, yet his weakened body, together with his heart defect struggled to cope with the virus.

During our time at Schneider, Yaniv’s resilience earned him the name of a brave soldier, supported by the unwavering expertise and care of the medical team. After a number of weeks Yaniv returned home and preparation were made for Yaniv’s impending heart surgery once he had fully recovered from the infection.

At the age of three months, Yaniv had open heart surgery, to repair the defect. Our stay in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit was marked by challenges, but the expertise and compassion of the medical staff eased our burdens significantly. Today, Yaniv stans as a strong healthy and joyful nine-month old, his infectious smile a testament to his resilience and the care he received.

The debt of gratitude we owe to the exceptional team at Schneider is immeasurable, their dedication and proficiency an everlasting source of inspiration.