The Heartbeat of Torah
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The St. Louis Community Kollel is passionately More ...

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The St. Louis Community Kollel is passionately committed to building and maintaining a vibrant Torah community.

We recognize that every Jewish man and woman has a genuine connection to the Torah, and it is the strength of this connection that fuels the energy and excitement which pulsates throughout a community.

At the heart of our Kollel is a cadre of specially selected individuals, each dedicated to the highest levels of learning and teaching. Our Rabbis tirelessly give of their time, learning one-on-one with community members as well as offering a wide variety of classes and programs, inspiring the hearts of our community while sharpening their talents along the way and gaining the valuable skills and experience needed to become the leaders and educators of tomorrow.

Our Kollel meaningfully engages all demographics, partnering with our local institutions to bring inspiring and engaging Torah programs throughout the community, with two dedicated divisions focusing on Seniors and Women.

In short, we are committed to strengthening the Heartbeat of Torah that pulses in every Jewish heart.