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Rabbi Stamler's role - most of the time - is as the dynamic Rosh Kollel and Rabbinic advisor to what is fondly known as "Moor Lane".

On Sunday 2nd July, he will take on a different leadership role and be joined by a group of daring and courageous swimmers who have challenged themselves be'ezrat Hashem to swim across and back the famous, refreshingly cold waters of Lake Ullswater set against the backdrop of the beautiful mountains of the Lake District National Park.
For the 5th consecutive year, this epic challenge of braving the chilly waters for up to several hours, is being undertaken to raise funds for the high level Torah learning and wide range of activities and shiurim which Moor Lane Kollel carries out.


Established fifteen years ago, the Kollel provides:

  • High level learning leading to Semicha (the Kollel was recently tested on the Laws of Shabbat by Dayan Heimlich shlit"a)
  • Training of young Rabbis in public speaking, writing & leadership roles
  • Daily one to one learning sessions
  • Joint learning initiatives
  • Youth Work including boys' weekly shiur
  • Social Activities
  • Amud Yomi Shiur
  • Sunday morning breakfast shiur
  • Regular Shabbat sermons
  • Monthly Publications
  • Time-themed events.

We are developing our Kollel members’ talents in giving shiurim, public speaking, writing, communication skills, youth work. The avreichim become well-rounded Bnei Torah with a solid knowledge of Halachah and an outward-looking view. Embedded within a Sefardi Kehillah and enabled by the Montefiore Endowment's vision for the Sefardi Community, we have behind us over a decade of learning, teaching and communal activity in North and South Manchester. 


You can help our courageous swimmers smash their target of £60,000 and help fund this amazing organisation.   Every donation is matched!

Please make this sporty undertaking - uniquely led by a Rabbi in Manchester - go with a splash!