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TAL has empowered thousands of young Jews to build a proud and committed Jewish identity for both themselves and for the next generation. 

Today, we ask for your help to enhance the lives of so many.

Over the past year we have delivered an enormous array of innovative online programmes and creative hands-on packs to guide, inspire and engage Young Professionals and isolated students during these challenging COVID times.

We have celebrated our 50th TAL marriage!

The incredible New TAL Centre is now built and ready. It will be a hub of vibrant tradition, where young Jews can meet, enjoy the flexible work space, engage in meaningful courses and share a variety of social, educational and cultural events.

TALs operating costs are £450k a year. We are raising on this campaign £320k towards our annual budget.

Your support today will populate the Centre with Torah, Marriages, Jewish Relevant Education, Shabbat experiences, Unity, Inspiration and so much more.

It’s only with your support that we can make this happen.

As the world reopens and we look to the future, we all value the need for a community and a centre.

We all need a place of belonging.

We all need each other!

TAL - Here for you!

TAL – Torah Action Life General

The TAL Center is going to become an incredible platform for Jewish life in London: the center will offer opportunities to learn about Judaism, attend services, educational programs and provide an amazing place for people to get together for Friday night dinners, create and nurture Jewish futures, host business meetings or simply meet-ups with their friends. The center will also be made available to community members for life events and special celebrations!

We are entering a new phase of growth as such  TAL is raising money to conclude the operations we wish to run at the our community center.

Some of our future programs will include:

  • Young Professional Events
  • University Program,
  • Young Married Couples
  • Flexible Co-work
  • TAL Business Lunch Learns,
  • TAL Torah Online,
  • Friday Night Diners,
  • Heritage Trips,
  • Ski Trips,
  • Football Tournaments,
  • Community Events,
  • Pre-Marriage Classes, Shiduchim
  • Ladies only Young Professionals,
  • Schools,
  • Kids Chazanut,
  • Bar Bat Mitzvah
  • Children services,
  • Cooking With TAL,
  • Caffeine for the soul (CFTS),
  • Life cycle,

TAL Chesed – with so much hurt in the world, TAL has enlightened those alone, especially the elderly as well as Jewish students stranded in England from abroad, by providing TAL Hagadot,  Matsot, TAL Megilot,  Purim and Chanuka packs. Support us to continue to provide a range of initiatives and projects that engage our members in practical chesed activities, making a tangible difference to other people's lives. Support TAL Chesed today. Your Greatness is not what you HAVE its what you GIVE!

TAL Ladies

We have listened, focussed and acted. With so much inspiration out there, sometimes we tend to forget about the most important people in our lives. The TAL Ladies programs encompass so much, empowering women and examining life from a different perspective with our inspirational speakers Raya Tawil and Ruthi Halberstadt. TAL has wowed the community with its innovative Thursday night cooking with TAL, and other programs that engage women and enable them to grow and give back to society. Support TAL Ladies today.

TAL Torah

The lockdown was tough, yet TAL rose to the top providing new online talks, international speakers and relevant Jewish ideas to help through the crisis. We have created one of the fasted growing communities in London over the past few months and have a popular new Minyan. The new Center will host this young vibrant and thriving Minyan as well as interactive educational talks and 1-2-1 learning programs. Support Torah today – with TAL its reaching places you could never imagine!