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DRAW DATE – 14th May 2021

£10 Per Ticket

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T&Cs: The raffle is open to everyone aged 16 and above. Each ticket represents one entry into the raffle unless specified otherwise on website. You are not limited to a specific number of entries. The raffle will close on Friday 14th May at 11.am, the winner will be chosen at random using an app on Friday 14th May at 2.30pm (UK time). The winner will be announced on Tikva UK’s Instagram account and will be contacted via email. We will ship internationally. This raffle isn’t endorsed, administered and sponsored by Instagram
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This is a matched campaign, every donation will be matched x1 by our generous matchers

  About G by Glenn Spiro

"G by Glenn Spiro” is an internationally recognised, fine jewellery manufacturing and gemstone dealing house, based in London and Geneva that specialises in unique bespoke jewels. Headed by Glenn Spiro "The Jeweller's Jeweller” they create unique collections of the finest jewellery for an ever increasing group of International Private clients who have found their way to their door to enjoy the “G” experience.

Educated in London, Glenn trained as a master jeweller in one of London’s finest workshops. Whilst there, he honed his skills and developed his appreciation for magnificent jewellery and the rarest of gems. He was later appointed as a Senior Director of one of Christie’s most important jewellery departments. Since leaving Christies, Glenn set up his own workshop and office on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. A workshop in Geneva soon followed and in recent years in the heart of London’s Mayfair, the couture house of “G” was born.

A true innovator and master of metals puts Glenn in a league of his own. His special approach in combining unusual materials with nature’s treasures produces breath-taking, cutting edge design. Glenn constantly reminds us that true gems are rare. We search for them. “Most of our work is done for us” he says “We didn’t make the stones; we just put them in the right places”

“G” has been a supplier, designer and manufacturer for many of the important international retail houses, but as the word got out, Glenn has built an exclusive “private label."

The house operates like a dealer turned couturier, acquiring important and rare gemstones and creating collections and one-off pieces for collectors, investors, and buyers who appreciate remarkable and notable work.

About Tikva

Tikva’s core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Ukraine and neighbouring regions of the former Soviet Union. Tikva provides a warm, compassionate home, essential social services and a quality education, while revitalising the growing Jewish community of Odessa. Additionally, Tikva offers its graduates the opportunity for a brighter future through university education in Odessa or immigration to Israel, where Tikva continues its educational and support services.


Our children come to Tikva as young as newborns and stay until they are at least 16 years of age, emotionally and academically ready to begin life in Israel, or continue their studies at Tikva’s University Program in Odessa. These bright and inquisitive children flourish in our care, despite the fact that most arrive with medical, psychological, developmental and social difficulties due to their traumatic early experiences. Many of our children also have siblings and cousins who are reunited in our homes. Tikva strives to ensure that each child’s needs are met so that he or she can develop into a fully-functioning, self-sufficient adult who is then able to become a contributing member of society.

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