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To plant seeds for our future. Today's our opportunity to build the tomorrow of our dreams.More ...

UHC Leeds number: 0113 269 6141
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Celebrating 15 years with the UHC

This Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, marking 15 years with the UHC, I am asking for your help, I am asking you, to donate.
To donate to my new “Development Fund” to help us achieve our goals and ambitions, to support my work and my ideas for the forthcoming year and beyond.
I am planning on rebuilding and remodelling the entire children’s wing of the UHC, to keep delivering in all areas of Jewish communal life, to share the joy and the happiness of Judaism and its practice in a modern world to our children and our youngsters and young families, for the UHC to continue to bring to you all, events, programmes, projects and initiatives as we, despite this new normal world continue to make the UHC, the United Hebrew Congregation.
If the pandemic has taught me anything, it is to appreciate the wonderful things we do have in our lives – to hold them dear, to care for them, be comforted by them and do whatever we can to better them, to love them, to cherish them and to know we are always there for them.
I love the UHC and I need you, I need your help.
And whether you are a member of our beloved congregation, a friend close by or a friend from afar, someone that has ever been touched by the UHC over these last 15 years – please, these High Holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, help me to mark this personal milestone, by donating to my development fund.
To plant the seeds for our future. Today is our opportunity to build the tomorrow of our dreams.
You know, it is not in my nature to ask for anything off of anyone, but I believe in and I am so passionate how we at the UHC can be the voice for Modern Orthodox Judaism in today’s challenging and uncertain world.
They say ‘Don’t build for yourself. Get to know your people and build what is right for us all’.

Shana Tova