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WST provides much needed ongoing regular financial support to local NW London families. WST also provides additional extra support for Yomim Tovim. More ...

This appeal is sponsored by Charity Extra Charitable Trust

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WST Charity Ltd was established in North West London circa. 1990, originally under the name Woodstock Sinclair Trust, with a specific aim of assisting local low income working families who were struggling to make ends meet. It has since grown steadily over the years to satisfy increasing needs and is entirely funded by voluntary donations. In the last financial year, WST distributed circa £1.6m to needy families.

The funds that WST distributes are truly a lifeline for the families that receive them. Without WST’s assistance, many families would literally be unable to properly feed and clothe themselves. Eligible families come via recommendations from trusted and respected local Rabbis. Funds are distributed discreetly and on a professional basis, always maintaining the respect of those receiving.

WST caters specifically for working and single parent families where their regular income falls short of their basic living expenses. In some cases this would be regular ‘top-up’ payments. On other occasions it would come in the form of assistance with one-off, special or emergency expenses. Each case is judged individually and regularly monitored. We are currently unable to fully meet the many requests for assistance made to ourselves with our work solely limited by the funds raised.

The Charity is run by a local committee on an entirely voluntary basis with nil commissions paid on donations received. Additionally, virtually all the expenses are sponsored by the trustees. This means that practically your entire donation (99%+) will reach the needy families that require help.

We appeal to yourselves to donate generously to our very needy and worthy cause and would beseech you to consider making a significant contribution bearing in mind the compelling and critical requirement that WST caters for.