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Boruch Hashem we have reached our campaign goal, and the page is now closed. Thank you to all that made it possible. However, we have not reached our goal until we reach every Jewish child in Belarus.
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This campaign has ended, you can make a donation by clicking on the 'Donate' button, where you will be redirected to the donation page
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Thousands of people across six continents are coming together today for one goal and one inclusive mission―to UNITE AND IGNITE the future generations of Belarussian Jewry.
Your donation to Yad Yisroel today, makes you a partner in the continued revival of Yiddishkeit in Belarus and beyond!
In a country where there is NO local government funding, and the local Jewish population has NO means to contribute, it is imperative that we provide for our fellow Jews - Acheinu Bnei Yisroel - the opportunity to have spiritual and financial sound futures.
YOUR support today, in whatever amount possible towards our annual budget of $2,500,000, will ensure ALL our programs, services, and schools can continue providing opportunity for them and their future generations. 
Especially during these challenging times when uncertainty is prevalent all around us even more needs to be done to help. 
Your donation in 2023 enabled the continuation and expansion of our regular programs, and the addition of an online Sunday school with well over 100 participants to inspire younger children from around the country.
Similarly the Minsk Educational Center is fully functioning with various learning programs and a campus where students can reside.
Your generous donation now in 2024 will help recruit many more students from all over the country to the schools and reconnect them to our rich heritage, thereby preventing the 97% intermarriage. 
In addition it will help provide the increased need for food, medication and welfare especially for elderly Jews due to the extraordinary rise in prices for the most basic daily needs. 
Your donation will help these high impact initiatives thrive and expand this coming year, assisting and rescuing the Jewish population in Belarus:
Boarding schools & orphanages
Sponsor-A-Meal-Foundation - for elderly and home-bound
Camps - summer and winter
Shabbaton Seminars
Community outreach programs
Chesed Fund- medical/welfare assistance
Minsk Educational Center
Holocaust education, memorial, cemetery preservation
Graduate Program / Wedding Fund- keeping connection and support to students and families around the world 
Jewish community infrastructure- Kashrus, Mikvaos, Bris Milah, Chevra Kaddisha..