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Monday Evening, thousands of people that got to know Yossi in the 23 short years that we were זוכה to have him amongst us were thrown into shock, into grief, into pain and for a matter of fact any other word or emotion that expresses what we are all feeling!

.וכן לא יפטר אדם מחברו לא מתוך שיחה וכו' אלא מתוך שמחה של מצוה

We were never granted the opportunity to say our farewells, due to this we want to express our goodbyes this way! In Yossi’s spirit, we want to unite and come together by writing a ספר תורה in his name. A ספר תורה that people will make a ברכה on, that people will learn from, that people will dance with, as an עילוי for his נשמה. The same way that he taught us, danced with us, and made us thank Hashem for everything he grants us all the time.


This campaign is different to the regular ones we have seen in the last few months, there are no personal pages as we are working here באחדות, as one unit, towards YOSSI’S Sefer Torah. We are filling the gaping hole left in our communal lives that as far as we can feel at this moment is going to be there forever!