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Welcome to the Yeshivas Shaarei Torah Charity Extra Page
Hachzokas HaTorah – that is really the only theme of this campaign. 
We all have something that is precious, something that we hold close to our heart. A value that is both meaningful and significant, and one for which we will sacrifice anything to ensure its preservation.
And if there is one value that we all share, it is Limmud HaTorah. We salute the Lomdei Torah, because we are all aware that such learning is the pillar that supports and sustains our world.
Klal Yisroel perseveres, and forever shall endure, due to the extraordinary efforts it employs in Limmud HaTorah and Kiyum Hamitzvos. The world stands on three pillars, but we all know V'Talmud Torah K'neged Kulom
In 1983 Horav Gavriel Knopfler Shlita sought advice and brocho of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva zt’l and set upon the task of establishing a second Yeshiva in Manchester. With a handful of bochurim the Yeshiva opened its door in Machzikei Haddas Hall and within a few years had outgrown its temporary home, attracting Talmidim from all over the world, including South America, South Africa and a strong nucleus from Australia too.
Over the last three plus decades, Shaarei Torah Yeshiva in Manchester has been at the forefront of Torah growth in the United Kingdom and Europe. Horav Gavriel Shlita, a Talmid Muvhak of Reb Shmuel Rosovsky zt’l, Rosh Yeshivas Ponevezh, instils in his bochurim a Derech Halimud of understanding a sugya with the clarity and lucidity that his Rebbes were famous for.
With a dedicated team of Hanhola, emphasis and prominence is placed on helping Bochurim reach their full potential in Torah, Avoida and Middos Toivos. In recent years, the Hanholas Yeshiva has grown substantially, affording far more individual attention to each Bochur, especially in the first shiurim of the Yeshivah. 
Two years ago Shaarei Torah conducted a successful campaign, which was instrumental in helping the Yeshiva clear its significant deficit at the time. With a substantial annual shortfall, the fundraising is one which the Rosh Yeshiva carries entirely on his own. No bochur has EVER been turned away due to his inability to pay tuition.
In this lockdown year, it has been impossible for the Rosh Yeshiva to raise any funds, and with substantial additional costs attributed to the pandemic, the Yeshiva is turning to us, for assistance to safeguard its continuance. The constant struggle to stay afloat does not belong to the Yeshiva alone – it is incumbent on anyone who is able to assist, to provide their support at this critical time.
We know that you have been asked frequently to support numerous important Torah and Chessed causes. However, we cannot sit idly by and allow this incredibly valuable Mokom Torah to struggle to the degree that it is, at this moment.
Through the generosity of our incredible sponsors, every pound donated throughout our campaign will be doubled. If you give £100, Shaarei Torah will receive £200. 
Shaarei Torah has unquestionably been instrumental in transforming the Torah landscape in England and beyond. They continue to do this. We now have to become firm partners in this mission. And by supporting this campaign we do.
It really is up to us!