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Yeshiva Tiferes Yaakov - Gateshead - Established in 1977, the first of its kind in the UK with a passion to imbue Ahavas Torah & instil Yiras Shomayim coupled with Middos Tovos in Yeshiva beginners More ...

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Yeshivas Tiferes Yaakov, Gateshead  - a well-established jewel in the crown of Europe’s Torah mosdos, and a trailblazer as the first Yeshiva Ketana of its type in the UK, a model which has since become the standard for high-level post-school learning in the orthodox community.


Established in 1977 to help bridge the gap for the school boy embarking upon his journey through the Yeshiva world, a phenomenon not yet known of on our shores, but taken for granted today, it has successfully nurtured two generations of בני תורה by providing a setting infused with אהבת וחשקת התורה and direction by distinguished מחנכים. With an ever-growing faculty of selfless and devoted רבנים, every תלמיד is sure to be provided with all he needs to develop his potential to its maximum. Our 'שיעור א itself boasts five מגידי שיעור for themselves! The very high Rebbe-Talmid ratio within a relatively large and vibrant crowd ensures the optimum: an electrifying environment with individual attention.


Our thousands of alumni, from around the world, attest till today of the life-long benefits of having learnt in ישיבת תפארת יעקב and the very close connection they still feel to it and its רבנים till today.


Since inception, the Yeshiva has been housed in primitive and unsuitable premises. Two residential houses converted, provided for our בית המדרש, Shiur-rooms, dining and kitchen facilities; the dormitories off-site in residential houses spread over the surrounding streets. A situation that could not continue.


With much סייעתא דשמיא, the locally situated “Swallow Hotel” building, became available and was purchased at the bargain price of under £1.5m! Over £1m has been invested in renovating the bedrooms to a high standard, providing the תלמידי הישיבה with all they can possibly need to allow for מנוחת הנפש - the most important ingredient for success in עליי' רוחני. Four floors of bedrooms have recently become occupied by our תלמידים. But the main Yeshiva services remain as yet in their old, dilapidated home.


After much planning, designing, value engineering etc., our building project is about to become a reality. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible. The Yeshiva can now finally find its home in a suitable and comfortable setting, befitting the מקום תורה that it is!


But… not without YOUR help! After all, cost cuttings etc. this dream cannot become a reality without over £3 million. The Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Ezriel Yaffe שליט"א, who has shouldered the finances of the Yeshiva for close to 45 years - single-handedly, has this time stated “I can’t do this alone!”


The Rosh Yeshiva and the entire Yeshiva staff are eternally grateful to all our dear friends and benefactors who have, with incredible generosity pledged funds to allow YOUR donations to be TRIPLED! Every pound is now worth three! Our £3 million goal is now truly reachable!


Becoming a partner in a מקדש מעט is an everlasting investment. Every אמן, every word of תורה etc. is yours! Many dedication opportunities are available and we implore YOU to join us in this momentous campaign.



להרמת קרן התורה ברוב פאר והדר - כראוי לה!