Central Hendon Mikvah
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Central Hendon Mikvah is an essential North West London Communal facility. It has been used more than 25,000 times since opening in 2015 and now vital refurbishment and upgrading works are necessary to ensure highest hygienic and aesthetic standards are maintained.

The pandemic has necessitated much additional expenditure over the past year, extra water purification measures and substantially increased cleaning costs incurred have added to the shortfall. Even though users are encouraged to contribute to the Mikvah (although no-one is turned away on grounds of inability to pay), donations by the 400-500 users each month do not cover operating costs and there is an inevitable annual shortfall which also needs to be covered.

We are taught that building a Mikvah ‘enjoys priority over building a Shul, purchasing a Sefer Torah or any other Mitzvah’. We are therefore reaching out to request support for the Mikvah’s first ever matched-funding appeal to ensure it can continue operating to the optimum standards and perpetuate Jewish family life in the purest, most spiritual and sacred way.