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JTeen is a non-profit organization committed to helping Jewish teens get the emotional well-being support they need. More ...

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Since inception 3 years ago, JTeen is the community’s dedicated teenage mental health support service. Through Jteen Support and Jteen Prevent we provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that no Jewish teenager is left to face his/her emotional challenges alone. 

Unfortunately adolescent mental health is in decline in the UK with 1 in 5 teenagers diagnosed with a mental health disorder. There are an estimated 7000 Jewish teenagers who will be in crisis and many more with daily struggles.

Jteen support is a helpline in which teenagers can text to call for support ranging from daily struggles through to crisis. Many of our calls are from teenagers struggling with one or more of the following: anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, self harm, suicidal thoughts  Since October 7th, demand for our helpline doubled. We temporarily  expanded our operating hours to cope with this demand and went onto expand capacity permanently in order to support every teenager who reaches out. 

Jteen Prevent provides training courses and awareness events for teenagers, parents, teachers and lay leaders. These are designed to enable identification and understanding of adolescent mental challenges to prevent small problems, becoming larger ones.

Over the last three years

More than 1700 teenagers reached out to us

More than 8300 conversations have taken place.

More than a quarter of a million messages exchanged.

More than 35 events raising awareness and educating more than 3000  individuals.

We need to accelerate our services. Both Jteen Support and Jteen Prevent are expanding with crucial additions. With your support we can make an everlasting impact, ensuring that no Jewish teenager is left to face his/her emotional challenges alone.