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Kollel Beis Aharon - Edgware, empowers אברכים in becoming accomplished תלמידי חכמים and מרביצי תורה. The Kollel's existence has a major impact on the surrounding Kehilla and its effects echo far beyond the כותלי ביהמ"ד. Your support and generosity will ensure the continuity of the Kollel. תזכו למצוות! More ...

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Kollel Beis Aharon, has for almost 20 years been empowering אברכים to develop into accomplished תלמידי חכמים and מרביצי תורה. The Kollel Beis Hamedrash is uninterruptedly infused with energy as yungerleit immerse in לימוד התורה, learning סוגיות בעיון ובהלכה, under the leadership of the ראש הכולל, HaRav Yaakov Aronovitz שליט"א.

Some 20 years ago Dayan Ehrentreu זצ"ל, saw the necessity to expand the NW London Torah community and selflessly oversaw the development of the Kollel and Edgware to the vibrant מקום תורה it is today. As an עילוי לנשמתו, we now have the opportunity to perpetuate his legacy and with your support and generosity the Kollel will be able to continue providing a setting for אברכים בני עלייה, the effects of which echo far beyond the walls of the Kollel.

Ivor Smith ז"ל, a very close friend of the Kollel, joined the Dayan's mission right from the start; founding the Kollel and maintaining personal involvement throughout. His wife Mrs Betty Smith תבלחט"א together with her family, continue to be an immeasurable source of support and encouragement, which is cherished immensely. The Kollel – Yitzchok Yeranen now carries Ivor's name, and the continuity of the Kollel through this campaign should bring an עילוי to his נשמה טהורה.

The natural impact the Kollel has to the surrounding Kehilla is evident as many are drawn through its doors for שיעורים, תפילות and לימוד בחברותא. The many חבורות present in the Kollel bear evidence to its profound influence. These include:

  • A morning Chabura of בעלי בתים, where a 20 strong חבורה dedicate their first couple of hours daily in the Kollel ביהמ"ד learning with genuine geshmak.
  • Night Seder, a variety of לומדים alongside אברכים of the Kollel keep the lively קול תורה going until the late hours of the night.
  • Shabbos sees yet more חבורות utilise the precious hours of summer Friday and שבת afternoons and winter Friday nights and מוצאי שבת in עסק התורה.
  • Shiruim and Chaburos for school boys where boys are driven to make use of out-of-school hours. Many boys have completed מסכתות, and have been instilled with true מתיקות התורה.

מוסדות התורה locally and in NW London are noticeable beneficiaries of the Kollel's proud achievements, as many of the Kollel’s alumni hold esteemed positions as Rabbonim, מגידי שיעור and מרביצי תרה.